SafeX - 2 hour interview

Exciting. (Hour 1) (Hour 2)


So many videos to choose from, which video is the SafeX interview?


i deleted the incorrect link from the initial post, and replaced with the correct links, hour1, hour2. Thanks for pointing it out.

Two questions for @dallyshalla from the second Vid:

  1. Two MDA MBA? guys crunching the numbers on the network…what profession are these guys?
    Is this in addition to the university work being done.
  2. You mentioned a secure microkernel when talking mobile phones, what is that tech?


Yes, there are two MBAs who are working for Infinity Algorithms who are making considerations on the network as a whole; and these considerations will lead to models for the future, as it will be obvious based on their findings how to make a sustainable activity in the SAFE Network, at least from their perspective;

I have not looked too far into this just yet, though looks interesting;


Great interview, but my only critique is that when your were asked about farming you mentioned specialized hardware and made it seem like the SAFE Network requires specialized hardware like Bitcoin. I know this was not your intent, but that is how it came across. My suggestion for next time is to emphasize that all one needs to farm is a simple small computer to compete in farming Safecoin. It is important to let the public know that the SAFE Network will not become centralized like Bitcoin mining. :smile: