SAFEtube - Video Player (by SAFE-FS)

Made another little app: safe://safetube.wom3

This is an example video player setup for the SAFE Network. Everything is contained and local, and it runs on the very simple Video.JS javascript video player. Watch Popeye now!

Use the SAFE Browser to view this new SAFE Network YouTube-inspired app :slight_smile: Feel free to customize it with your own videos! Github Link: GitHub - whiteoutmashups/SAFEtube: Sample video player for SAFE Network

I might add more features later, such as adding your own videos to it with the push of a button (if I can get help with uploading files through safe-js, which I asked about in this dev thread :slight_smile: )

Currently limited to the 25mb file limit though, so no real movies can go on here yet due to that MaidSafe limit but that should change soon with vaults hopefully!

(At the risk of sounding controversial, I hope this shows everyone just how INSANELY EASY it will be to make a SUPER DISRUPTIVE encrypted-traffic Netflix-killer on SAFE. The code I gave above is literally all you need, along with the video files.)


And just so you know when using this, the gray scroll box has clickable links to 3 other videos.

Just click their names to play the other videos


Nice work Will! I just watched several videos on TEST 11 using the SAFE Browser. I guess this is where the future is going :+1:


Whoa! Good job building it! If you keep this up, you’ll be building all of the apps before we do. haha.


I plan to! I just got internet hooked up at my house so I’ve been extra excited to get coding :smiley:

(made this site today also)


#Netflix on SAFE.
Very doable.


Fork popcorn time my friend! What I love about safe is the network will give you a reliable amount/fast seeders to everything for every peice of data, even the most obscure. Keep up the great work Will!


Not a bad idea! I love their UI with all the movie posters. I almost forgot they’re open source!


not a bad idea

I don’t know if you’re familiar with Kodi, but their concept and UI is pretty great too. She plays nice on Linux distros too.

I just have two complaints about it, 1) the setup is too cumbersome for any people who are not tech savvy. 2) you have to back out of file pages if the link doesn’t work, forcing the user to re-scroll through dozens of paginated lists.

Other than those two, Kodi might be a solid base to build on.


i love it :slight_smile: Thanks!!!


:sunglasses: Congratulations for whenever that happened :fireworks:


quite recently

This as well, safe tube

insanely easy, controversial, super disruptive…love it

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I logged in ok, but safe://safetube.wom3 is stuck loading. Am I doing something wrong?

new version hasnt been uploaded to current net yet

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