SAFE's Low-Hanging Fruit: - What does the team need help with?

I asked in another thread if there was a list anywhere of things that people can help with, given that this forum is more or less filled with rabid supporters, most of whom have some degree of the skills needed to assist with MaidSAFE’s technical development, and all of whom have the capacity to help with safenetwork’s penetration into mainstream thought. I’m using the moniker “low-hanging fruit” because I’ve seen it used really effectively on Github-- usually it denotes tasks of a technical or non-technical nature that serve as great inroads to development contribution of one type or another.

For me personally, and probably for others with a similar mindset, I’d be quite happy to work on any task (and gosh I know they must be out there) that isn’t the best utilization of a core developer’s time-- yeah, I’m totally talking about the repetitive but absolutely necessary stuff, as well as ancillary functions like testing, development of documentation, testing of the fit between product and documentation, dockerization, etc, etc, etc.

Since this is a hell of a lot more than an app, and nearly everyone here knows it, this might also be a good place for community members to discuss their specific, low-investment (time, finances, whatever) high-reward techniques for putting the network into the global mindspace (the “web-thought-o-sphere”, if you will). We all know that it’s desperately needed, BUT-- we all know we’re not enough, so how do we ensure that as a community, we’ve got a stockpile of things that anyone can do to help build the network when:

  • They’ve got technical skills, that aren’t to the level or in the specialization needed for the core project? Can they help to accomplish tasks that improve things like:
    – experience
    – distribution of the code
    – deployment
    – user understanding
    – creation of stuff that leverages the tools created for building stuff on top of the safe network

  • They’re lacking in technical skills, but want to develop them, and are willing to put in the effort:
    – (Question to team: Do you have any of the kinds of tasks that might orient someone well to the codebase?)

  • They are passionate advocates of digital freedoms and new economics
    – Spreading the word
    – helping others understand that encryption IS digital liberty
    – Good techniques for helping others to grasp the current totality of surveillance, and the clear desire on the part of the security state to increase the currently ethically preposterous levels of surveillance to something that would’ve given Big Brother a Big Boner, and might even go beyond what orwell could’ve imagined?
    – How to present effectively the message of whistleblowers about these topics, which really seems to be a little different (of course) than how it is presented in the media: the media tells us that they’re just trying to get the word out. If you listen closely, they’re saying two things that both matter:

  1. Everything’s being watched
  2. This is not contributing to security, and there are countless examples of it making us less secure.

…etc :slightly_smiling:


Yes +1, lots of us willing to help in whatever way we can.

I think once testnet has progressed into an alpha version with some user-friendly apps for the mainstream we’ll all become very active here and everywhere else.


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