SAFEr Browser(s) Proposal

Anybody else feel that SAFE browser sync is more important than a clearnet “indicator/switch”?


Its alive!!! :smile:

Edit: What I like about it the most is that I don’t even have to type safe:// it does it for me :smile:

Type ian and SAFEr will bring you to safe://ian :smile:


Let’s not ask for too much at once here!!

I’m still jumping for joy at safe: being returned to us!!!

Now is a time to be extremely thankful and happy, not a time to ask for more things!!


But, I want all the things and I want them now!!! :wink:


Agreed! Let’s give this amazing man time to code. Thank you @joshuef for your strong considerations and time/effort. If you need anything let me know. I will love whatever is produced for sure.




If we want to us Beaker for are project and re-name it SAFEr Browser or change the default bookmarks there is an issue. Mr Pfrazee is more than willing to help but would like support with his brand.

Jeez didn’t see that coming from him, seems like quite the pivot from his earlier stance…

@whiteoutmashups :smile:

I kinda like the name SAFE Beaker :smile:

Edit: SAFE Beaker Browser or SBB for short.


So if I understand this correctly, we are not building a new browser but instead building a SAFE plug-in for Beaker?

@whiteoutmashups I hope not! Beaker is FOSS under a modified MIT license. Of course you can fork, but I can’t provide free support for it. I need a way to support myself; this is my full-time job right now.

I’m very happy to setup a system where you can create a custom packaging of Beaker, using plugins and some tools. The package would allow a sub-branding, and custom default settings (bookmarks, plugins, etc). Then, you won’t have to fork, and I’ll continue to provide support. My condition for the package system would be that I need to maintain some kind of branding on the software. Otherwise, I don’t have any way to get value out of the arrangement.


This sounds like a fair deal. We help him with branding and he gives us support :smile:


The OP states the browser will be a fork of Beaker. The message you quoted just seems to be about the handling of the safe: protocol. So the way I read it: Browser = Fork of Bearker and this fork of Beaker will use the plugin functionality to handle the safe: protocol.

Is @joshuef prepared to hard fork from Beaker? This will mean no future support from Beaker.

Edit: I am certain that @joshuef was not planning on cutting ties with @PaulFrazee and I also don’t think @PaulFrazee should have to work for free.


How does the community and @joshuef feel about adding @PaulFrazee to the SAFE Browser team?

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In any case, something like “SAFE Browser, (powered by Beaker)” sounds cleaner maybe?


We should let them figure out what arrangement works best between the two dev’s as far as the work goes, but I for one want @PaulFrazee to feel the support and appreciation we all have for his original work. There is an obvious symbiotic opportunity here. @frabrunelle this is the first go at it for building SAFE core features from the community and we are definitely in uncharted waters as far as I see it. Is there some guidance on how best for us to move forward. I would like and willing to support with coin of course, but is there other ways we can additionally support open source developers who the community uses there original software?

Thank you to whoever can shed more light and offer guidance on this interesting situation.


@joshuef I’m getting this error when I try to start the POC, any idea?

I thought there was recently plugin capabilities that made forks less necessary with beaker? I may be talking out of my bum too but I swear I read that. But I would still support adding the man that had created beaker in the first place or even just spreading the love and appreciation a little to show this is a respectful community that wants to grow and flourish with others in the open source environment