SAFEr Browser(s) Proposal

A Vault, Launcher, and Browser combination would make a killer app. :smile:


@joshuef - I know you have done some significant work around the browser shell and Electron, but now that Beaker has hit 0.1 (ref: might it be worth considering using that? The developer (@PaulFrazee) has put effort into the browser UI and now has a nice extension system where you could add the web API and the custom protocol with less effort and less to maintain.

The developer has also offered to fork Electron to handle some of the short comings in it (ref: which might be duplicated effort if you have to do the same.



Beaker is a muchhhh slimmer and nicer codebase the more I look around it. 0.1 is big step forward, and this is part of the reason I originally proposed to focus on beaker first and brave/others if possible.

Brave does not seem like it’s going to enable use of electron.protocol anytime soon, which is quite the blocker for a straight up safe protocol.

It also comes with a lot of baggage that might not be useful for safe (ad blocking/ad replacement etc). ( it is so much more polished and has a lot of things that might be useful in a SAFE browser, too though).

I think there’s a lot of pros and cons, but what is clear is that I’ll be able to move much faster in a beaker fork / via plugins as required. And @PaulFrazee has been welcoming about PRs and forks so far ( ) so that might well end up being something ‘bleeding edge’, that allows us to define how/what we want a SAFE browser experience to look like, which we then port to other browsers via extensions as we’re able.


Can we invest in the safer browser or it’s simply donation?

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This is a donation based system for RFP’s, getting these parts makes any investments stronger though, but RFP process is to pay for people working on code to make the SAFE network better…


Hey everyone!

We’re doing a Q&A with @joshuef tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11am GMT.

If you have any (technical) questions about this SAFE Browser proposal, please post them in this topic :slight_smile:

We will ask some of the questions to @joshuef and we will post a recording of the Q&A later this week.

Also, remember that the voting period ends in 1 week.

Here is the donation address for the SAFE Browser RFP: 14mRbLbD33RSsYuhLJ4vPr1FWzW5XHRQjG

Please only send MaidSafeCoins (MAID) to this address.

(Contributing BTC is OK, but MAID is preferred.)

For more details on the Community Engagement Program, see this topic.


Is there also a USD/EUR/GBP goal instead of 65,000 MAID which can be worth $6500 worth today and $12000 or $4000 tomorrow?


The thing I Always questioned about brave is when I open my favorites bar It is so sluggish that I prefer to use another browser.
Always thought it’s a minor issue, they’ll (you guys) fix it but now I see you also prefer another code base :smiley:

The thing is this, If we persist with prefix safe: and make a browser for it, then Safenet will be popular. With proxys and stuff it wont. And once it is popular all the browers in the world will very soon include the safe: prefix.

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Popularity or not that doesn’t solve the compatibility problem.

@joshuef why make it a fork and not a plugin for Beaker?

A plugin might be enough. All depends on what’s needed. The stretch goals go beyond what’s available as current plugin functionality. But the base functionality might work well as a plugin.

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People really prefer to invest though, and it looks like the RFP is having a bit of trouble reaching its goal,

is there a chance that it could be made into an investment, where part of the browsers future SafeCoin earnings are sent to SAFErBrowseCoin holders, etc? May help this & future RFPs


I don’t agree here :yum:. Not every project needs to have a coin or a future on an exchange somewhere. If we add coins to all these projects we might have 5 or 6 different coins attached only in the beginning of the SAFE Project. In this case, a nice working browser for SAFE could do well with just donations IMO. The community has put in quite some money already. If Maidsafe comes up with some extra we might have a great browser in the coming weeks, free to use for all :thumbsup:.

EDIT: And even if we look from an investment perspective, this is a browser that can be added to the installers on the Maidsafe website. It removes some proxy settings while making the network more safe and easy to use. So it actually does add value to the SAFE Project. Even from a financial perspective.


thanks, just thinking out loud.

And I definitely do appreciate the added amount of work that would be involved in making the change to an investment, (as I’m doing it all myself currently)

And just to be clear, this isn’t what I said / was talking about.

Purely represents shares of SAFEr Browser’s future SafeCoin rewards.

That’s it.


Do core apps earn safecoin, I thought not for some reason.
None the less profit is not the only way to motivate people, sometimes all that is needed is recognition… this browser was made possible by donations from x,y and z. Don’t underestimate the power of the simple things in life. :wink:


Very key point that hopefully people start to understand. True investment (long term) is needed here, not some token that can be pumped and then dumped and benefiting only a few people. This is a core feature that should be very important to people who believe in the SAFEnetwork and/or have a vested interest to see it succeed. I for one have some projects that are only possible when SAFEcoin is functional. The faster I get to that point the faster I will be able to secure my future in a sustainable/secure/free network.

This is also an opportunity to use this case study to show talented devs in the world that there is reward for their efforts in the SAFE community. Each iteration/feature should get easier and faster if people will consider the future here.


Just a MAID goal at this point but open to other options for future CEPs, especially as some want to also donate in BTC. At what point would you fix the $ rate @Melvin if we decided to go that route, seems to me to be very difficult to remove the fluctuation regardless of the currency.

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@joshuef I think this would be preferable to do, instead of baking the launcher into the browser.

Just a guess, can’t speak for anyone, but I think he just wanted a $ range that would mean project success.

Like, if @joshuef is saying he will only do SAFEr for at least $10,000 etc.