SafeNetwork - Secure Access For Everyone (100% privacy, security and anonymity), An Anonymous Secure Decentralized Distributed Autonomous Data Network

Internet is going to be SAFE Network - Secure Access For Everyone (100% privacy, security and


An Anonymous Secure Decentralized Distributed Autonomous Data Network

Safenet will be a game changer, it can do anything the current internet does, creating and browsing dynamic websites, voice and video chat, email, secure file storage and much more, plus your files literally live on the network until u delete them urself u can also share ur files with others which means the end of torrent and other p2p filesharing apps they will all be replaced with safenet.

Try alpha 2: (Right now u need an invitation token, read the forum)

Frequently asked questions(Safenet Wiki): (Read the wiki’s Main page to understand how it works…)

Decentralized apps Developers are starting to build apps that use the SAFE API.

“The SAFE network can provide every type of web service that exists on today’s centralised Internet, from video streaming, encrypted messaging, VOIP, storage and collaboration, exchanges…etc…” Nick Lambert, Chief Operating Officer, MaidSafe

What is MaidSafe and the SAFE Network?

MaidSafe is a company that is designing and implementing what they call the SAFE Network - a next generation decentralized and secure network. The SAFE (Secure Access For Everyone) Network is a new secure and decentralized data management service that is built by sharing the unused computer resources of the individual network participants.

Each user of the SAFE Network provides a part of their computer resources: data storage space, processing power, and Internet connectivity thus forming a large decentralized network.

The SAFE network puts its user’s safety and security on top of everything else and so the user data is encrypted and broken up into chunks that are spread among the users of the network. The people that participate in it are not actually aware of the data they have been asked to store on their systems, not they have direct access to what it currently stored on their computers.

Furthermore as a user if you share some of your unused computing resources on the SAFE network you are going to be compensated for doing so and get paid in Safecoin crypto tokens.

The SAFE network is not being controlled by a single large entity or a multiple global ones, it is not controlled by anyone in fact as it is decentralized and the users participating are what is essentially building up the network itself. The safenet is based on nature and how insects react to circumstances.

Even Maidsafe who created the safenet won’t be able to alter the network to make it less efficient once it is launch. The network won’t allow less efficient upgrades, only ones that would make it better! How crazy is that! So once it is live, you cannot shut it down anymore.

So without people like you, the future user of the network there will be no network. There will be no privacy violations weather you decide to host your own website on the network, visit a website somebody else already made, create or run an application or just provide some of your spare computing resources to help make the SAFE network bigger and stronger.

“The SAFE network is a data and communications network that can provide the infrastructure for every type of web service that exists on today’s centralised Internet” Safenet is currently in alpha testing, this means you can use it and test it but everything is hosted on test nodes at the moment. I created my first website this week and it is amazing.

This is truly mind blowing where we are at now with peer to peer and the possibility are endless. What can we do on the Safe network?

Safenet will evolve as more and more developer create new program for it. But to start with, you will be able to create website that cannot be taken down or censored and upload sensitive files that only you can read from anywhere in the world. There will be video chat like skype, and everything else the current internet can do.

“The MaidSafe vision is to replace today’s existing server centric and intrusive systems with a fully distributed, safe, secure and private network. A network with no third party being able to intercept, copy, steal, sell or otherwise access the network’s data.”

How much does it cost to use safenet?

Safenet is totally free to use. The only cost is to offer a part of your hard drive to host part of the network. The more you offer, the more you can upload on the network.

What is Safecoin (MAID)?

Safecoin is a digital crypto currency token that is in the heart of the SAFE Network. It can be thought of as the oil in the engine of the SAFE Network, and is used as a way for all users of the network to be compensated for the value they provide.

You can think of Safecoin along the ways that Steem Dollars or Steem Power works on Steemit, you get rewarded these for your contribution on the network in the form of useful and interesting posts as well as voting for others. It is not exactly the same thing, but think along these lines.

SafeCoin Is the fuel that drives MaidSafes adoption and use. Safecoins can be purchased, or they can be earned by Farmers or Builders. They are stored within users wallets and provide access to the networks services and applications, or can be bought and sold on exchanges for bitcoin or cash. Safecoins are being distributed entirely automated with no human intervention by an algorithms.

Only 4.3 billion MaidSafeCoins will ever be in circulation at one time and each coin will have its own unique identity. Furthermore Safecoins will be “recycled” when they are being exchanged for network services, so there will be a new supply of coins for users to earn.

Safecoins are given to users in return for them providing some of their unused computing resource to the network. These include free storage space, processing power, and Internet connectivity, this process of providing your resource and earning Safecoin in return on the platform is referred to as “Farming”. You can think of this as the “mining” for SafeCoin if you are a crypto currency mining, but instead of using only CPU or GPU power to help sustain the network you are sharing parts of your computing resources to be used by the network, so the SAFE network uses Proof of Resource “mining”.

“Farmers” provide their unused computing resources to the network. The more they provide, the more they are paid. they can also contribute more than just space, They can contribute processor power as well which will be used as a Network Based Replacement for Server-Side Processing, so low spec devices (e.g. smart phones) would have no problem using apps that require huge processing power, it will also be convenient for universities and some institutions doing scientific computation (no need to buy expensive mainframes anymore they could just use safenetwork, which would be cheaper and faster)

“Builders” are the application developers. They can earn Safecoin in two different ways. Firstly, they can design applications, and the more an App is used the more they are paid. Secondly, they can assist with bug fixes and new features, which in turn strengthens the core of the SAFE network.

What is PtP (Pay the Producer)? It’s a proposed feature to reward anyone who PUTS (uploads) public content with their wallet address (watermark). When data chunks are requested via GETS, the SAFE Network rewards the wallet address associated to those chunks. In simple terms, the more popular your content (video, music, art, games, APPS, etc) is requested by clients, the more rewards you earn. The reward can be Safecoin, or SAFE GB, Divided Safecoin, or some other variation, Pay the Producer rewards are network rewards and not paid for by the user.

Pay the producer reward is determined independently of the farmer’s reward. It does not reduce the farmer’s reward if a “pay-the-producer” pay address is associated to the chunks (content), At this time pay the producer will only be for public content.


The SAFE Network is going to compete with and complement the Internet that we love to hate today. Instead of data being relatively open and accessible, the SAFE Network has been designed to securely encrypt all data within the network. This will make privacy the default. If users want their information to be public that is of course no problem, but the way the network is designed, users will have to opt-out of privacy.

This will be a completely brand new grassroots Internet. The massive privately owned server farms that own the data of today’s internet will be replaced by a decentralized network of computers that encrypt user’s files and divide them into many small parts that are duplicated and stored in many places all around the world.

Anyone can join the network anonymously by donating a portion of their hard drive space, computing power and bandwidth.

For contributing their computing resources, the users will receive safecoins and in order to use the computing resources of the network, users will need to have and spend safecoins.

The SAFE Network will be able to do everything the Internet does today, but because it has such a different infrastructure, it will do it in a different way.

Here is a short list of some of the benefits of this restructuring: Denial of service attacks will be useless, in fact the more people use the same websites, the better they will perform.

Cloud storage will be completely private, relatively cheap and always accessible.

Messages, email, and VOIP will be encrypted by default.

Websites will never experience downtime and cannot be censored.

Social networks’ data will be owned by the users and they can choose who has access to it.

Mass surveillance on this network will be impossible; no one will be able to collect your browsing data.

Underutilized computing resources can be monetized.

Direct micropayment channels will be built in, so content producers will not have to advertise to their audience to raise funds.


Thanks for this - very clear and concise. I bought more Maid!)

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Is this from a news post somewhere? Looks like a direct copy of this article.


yeah some of it, but i also made some changes and added some more information
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What do you mean release state in 1 year?

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Sounds super sexy hence ive bought into Maid! Hoping to get the status cool little community and the communication from the project managers fuaaaaa! keep up the good work and look forward to the future!

The problems is when release for live?? No Schedule , No target plan … Maybe another 50 Years ???

Or maybe it’s with another 50 young, impatient, greedy, sugar chasing crypto followers who post statements like yours not having done their homework…the only problem is in your mind and with your expectations.

Deal with both of those or park your money elsewhere for a while until your satisfied enough…