SafeNetwork Promo Sticker Design

I was thinking to order some stickers and put them in many visible places.
Might want to go for cool holographic sticker look which really catches the eye.

My idea was to have the SafeNetwork Logo and as text written, then maybe on the right a small info about what it is and where to find it QR code / Website Link.

For now I want to try 50-100 stickers, also to see how it goes and later on more locations and countries.

Feel free to submit simple design, needs to be popping, will be holographic print and have logo + label of SafeNetwork. Stickers are around 5cmx8cm large.


Am not designer, but what about a really well designed holographic “SAFENetwork Inside” we can stick on our computers… because on launch it will be technically true.

“Powered by SAFENetwork” another sticker.

and for general as sticker with…

“Oppressive regimes hate this one weird trick…”

all with a URL in the design somewhere.


Dont forget a QR code as well

Maybe something like this?

Was thinking, should I include $MAID as ticker, but maybe in the future it will no longer be used. Could still be useful for reference if people find it somewhere.


They have some cool stuff! I think I will just leave the logo as it is or maybe should I edit it slightly?

Nice postcard size. Would fit nicely through letter boxes, or an insert in newspapers.

edit: Order customised Postcards ∙ SAXOPRINT

random google results, about £200 for 10,000 postcards.

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A LOT of time and effort went into that logo, I’d leave it as is unless there is a very compelling reason for the tweak.

Are they still a thing?

My phone is phucked so I cannot test that QR code. Is it safe to cut n paste that image for FB, Twitter?

I think they still deliver and still take insert requests. If not, they must have online ads.


Might be cheaper to target all the local papers instead of the national ones… but i’m not knowledgeable on this - anyone else?

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Wait… 2 words.

Christmas Cards

I think you could make it a little more xmas like, especially with that SAFENetwork snow flake.

Then you need to figure out how to distribute them…

  1. Wrap them up in packs of 10 and put them in letter boxed as free xmas cards for people to use.
  2. Place on a greetings cards website for a low price, just to meet expenses.
  3. … any more ideas?

good thinking there @Zoki :slight_smile:


Is this something the BGF could help with to get a decent price on a minimum print run? Yes I know there is then the cost of distributing these 10-packs or whatever to those of us who will get them out there…

I’ll happily get out and about putting stickers up but I think we should wait for a stable testnet so people have something tangible to play with.


It’s what people expect isn’t it.
If I got an advert for a new delivery app, and then found out it wasn’t ready yet - it would be a disappointment.


Indeed, I should have made that point myself. Dont put a date on the Xmas cards, we can keep them for Dec 2022 if we really have to.