Safenetwork presentation @Fosdem Brussel


It was a good talk. I’d also recommend the ebook that @lightyear mentions at the end of his talk. It’s not finished yet but already handy for understanding what XOR networking is all about and what the key differences are between that and other approaches like BitTorrent and blockchain. Should be great when it’s finished. :slight_smile:


Oh, I didn’t see/wasn’t notified that it went live yet. Wanted to announce with you, but as usual the forum is quicker :wink: .

Indeed. Following, another ~15 or so people were surrounding me and asked insightful and interesting questions. Some were talking about building something similar as thesis or during studies and now being interested in using that code base instead, others had more questions about the XOR-Space and related things. Others were now excited about doing Rust and a friend of mine approached me and told me, he’s happy he now finally understand what it is I do :wink: . So, that was good. Though I can’t always give a 45min talk when being asked by friends … :wink: .

I was actually surprised no one asked which specific crypto we are using, I am used to hearing that Q of no merit and especially looked up the curve name and stuff so I could answer it, but looks like I steered the talk/conversation properly into the path I wanted to have it, as it didn’t even come up.

Thanks :slight_smile: . Yeah, the ebook is coming along slower than anticipated - as always. But that’s also why I announced it: so that there is some pressure on keeping on going with it. And among others, someone even approached me after, also being excited about it, and offered to do some proof-reading/copy-editing.

As you can see, everything on there is still very rough, most things are just the very first brain dump and many parts are still missing - including the research to even answer these questions. Well, it’s the year of decentralisation for me, so that’s gonna push it :smiley: .


Well, let me know if I can help at all. I’m in that line of business.


@Yerontour would you mind putting the direct link to the talk in your OP? I think this is it but haven’t watched it yet so not certain:


Ok, done…I like the end: Join us! :smile:


Excellent @lightyear - great work. Really liked how you explained the problem and the solution - particularly xor and Kademlia. So hard to explain from scratch but just talking alongside the animation works really well I think. :slight_smile: