Safenetwork presentation @Fosdem Brussel

I enjoyed my day in Brussel at Fosdem yesterday :smile:

Thank you @lightyear, was a very good presentation for a very big audience. Guess there where at least 250 people in the room.

Edit: here a link to the video:


Link to the video? Is it in english?

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The video seems to have ‘preview’ status atm and should eventually appear in this directory.


Under what name? SAFE?

EDIT: Found it. “It’s time to SAFE the Internet”


Yeah, I’m reviewing it right now. Does your preview also have a bit of a delay between audio and video - like when I coughed in the early introduction, the video is about a 1 second behind the audio. Or is that just my machine doing crappy video encoding and not being able to keep up? It could be the case, my video hardware acceleration is def. not set up properly…


Excited to see it! 20chars

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I think only people with an account on or so can see the preview. Maybe I missed something, but I can only see the status of the video.

It’s not the same, but I’ve seen the livestream yesterday (not the first minutes) and there the sound was in sync.

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Ah. it might be because I am still reviewing it :wink: .

Well, I’ll download it and try locally to see if it is just my browser…


Hurry up and finish reviewing so we can watch it ;). I wanna see, I don’t care about a bit of lag.



Sorry, mate. I downloaded it and the delay - of about 3 seconds - persists. And the slides are too dark, can barely be read. As I couldn’t give these points automatically, I had to mark it as broken and the team has to adjust it manually. Might takes a bit before they get around to do that.

Sorry about that.



Not your fault. Ah well, guess I’ll just have to wait. I’m just a bit addicted to all things SAFE :wink:

I’m sure you did a great job, can’t wait to check it out!


I see that the video is available here (webm) and here (mp4).
Thank you for the nice presentation!


The second link is wrong, first one is correct!

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Thank you for pointing that out, I corrected it.

Great talk @lightyear ! Seems like the reception was good from the crowd. Did you get much interest afterwards?

Really great job @lightyear. Worth the wait!

You did a fantastic job, I expect we’ll be seeing more of you up there in future and I look forward to it. Very polished, clear and insightful /impressed dude. :clap:


Yes a really good presentation, covered an awful lot very well. It’s great to see all the different styles and tips along the way to make it easier for us all to explain the system. Kudos @lightyear that is how we will attract developers and supporters.


:tada: Home from work ! Time to watch the talk…

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I’m seeing a lot of forking on github! Job well done @lightyear!


Great talk @lightyear ! Happy the talk was not broken :smile: