SafeNetwork own emoji

Safe own emoji

–just an experiment –

Hello guys, I’d like to turn the SafeNetwork logo into an emoji so it could be used everywhere like on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and so on… Then we could send it to Unicode for the review.
When you write “sad” or “happy” in the keyboard, it shows a specific emoji. Thus, i’d like the SafeNetwork emoji to jump out when a user types “safe”


Here we can discuss on how to succeed at it.

• So first, if you have not taken a look to this yet, please do it😉 So you want to propose an emoji to Unicode? Here’s how

• Then, the only point the could be a problem is this one:
Logos, Brands, UI Icons, Signage, Specific People, Deities - No, you will never see an Oreo cookie or a Kim Kardashian emoji. Well, not officially anyway. These “emojis” are considered “Stickers” since they are not approved or a part of the Unicode language.
But we can give a try and explain why it should not be considered as a brand or logo.

• Then, there’s still another option. Different from the previous one, but still interesting.
Twitter is the main platform to get users’ attention towards marketing campaigns. Several brands choose to link a customised emoji (made by twitter) to an #hashtag in order to advertise a product, movie, event etc… I think this is an interesting marketing move: you can read more about its success here

The second option is not free but I think it could be an interesting way to advertise the SafeNetwork once it launches.

Then, how would you like the Safe emoji to be?) I think that the logo itself could be perfect cause it’s both simple and characteristic. If you have other ideas, feel free to share them here :wink:

Let me know what you think about


First off we’d have to change our language away from logo (haha, not easy) if we want to make a case for Unicode but what the hell do we call the logo? What would our argument be for it to not be considered a logo?

Like, the internet is something that could have an “icon” or the like for Unicode but it never had one AFAIK so maybe we could argue that now this network that will likely be the future of securing the internet, does?

Does bitcoin have a Unicode emoji?? I’ll check unless someone beats me to it.

Edit: found this sounds like yes

Also I think I know what you’re talking about with Twitter. There are little icon/emoji’s for hashtags like #RalphBreaksTheInternet and #PiedPiper :slightly_smiling_face: both of which have a connection to SAFE.

I’m going to check out those links now and edumicate myself a bit more on the subject.


So many rules to propose to Unicode. It’d be tough but there’s nothing to lose by trying and the harder we try the better chance we’d have. Would have to point out that Maidsafe is separate and the SAFE Network is a global network.

Maybe we should make a list of points in our favor.

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Points in proposal for SAFE Network in Unicode.
(Public wiki, please weigh in)

  • Global Network
  • Potentially as ubiquitous as internet
  • Open source
  • Not a company or brand
  • SAFE Network symbol represents online security/privacy
  • No existing symbol in Unicode for a ‘network’
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Yeah definitely😂
Btw yeah SafeNetwork is not a company or a brand. I’d define it as a place where you can feel secure. That’s why it should be associated with the meaning of safety/protected. I don’t even know why Unicode has not implemented an emoji for internet yet. Thus, maybe this is a good opportunity for us


And I noticed BTC used the B as a “symbol” that might be another useful term for the image but I love that idea of SAFE being a place.

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Yeah by defining Safe as a “place” we could explain to Unicode why is not a simple logo. It’s much more. It’s where you can feel free, protected like Internet was meant to be. Simply you can feel yourself

Internet will be soon a new autonomous world and will operate beside the “offline” world. Thus, as we can define ourself safe in the offline world, we should have a tool to express safety in the online one too. So the Safe emoji fits perfectly in this case cause it will define the safety in the new online world. We can do it💪

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Do twitter charge for the branded emoji with a hashtag? I was rummaging their site and hadn’t found a clear answer yet they just talked about how popular it is. I wonder if it’s a recurring payment type thing that goes along as an ad campaign.

Yeah I think that the service is managed like an ad-campaign but i’m not sure. I’ll dive deeper to take more info.
Btw I found that Pepsi paid about $1M for a hashtag with customised emoji displaying during the Super bowl

:ant: U+1F41C

see also the different ways emojis are displayed…


I can’t seem to find a Unicode symbol/character for network. I would think that one would be the obvious starting point.

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Reading through this as some reference material.

In this reddit thread there is a link to the form we’d have to submit and it sounds like it’s good to have reference to a symbols use already, across the internet, such as Wikipedia. Which raises another issue. SAFE Network is NOT on Wikipedia!!! we should be on Wikipedia, Maidsafe has been working on The SAFE Network for 12 years. So my question is how did bitcoin already have a symbol sprinkled around before Unicode. Maybe I misunderstood when I was reading, everything’s been pretty fast paced for me lately. Have you gotten any further @Future?

It would be simpler to adopt something that exists…

  1. Link - :link: U+1F517
  2. Unmarried partnership ⚯ U+26AF
  3. Lightning bolt 🗲 U+1F5F2

I expect something will follow from its being used incidental to the one big application and association with follow. No predicting that…

Looking for other sources online so wen can understand better… Update soon :muscle:

– EDIT –
So @Nigel , from what i read seems that BTC doesn’t have an emoji. There’s just a Unicode character referring to it. People first wanted it to be represented by the Thai Baht. Here’s the source BTC symbol
Btw i got a question, how to type a Unicode character? If i want to write the bitcoin symbol, how can i do it?

Then they succeeded at making the Btc symbol with lines being approved (proposed by Ken Shirriff). Their strong point was to propose the character not as a logo but as a currency. Thus, as we have $, we can have B too.

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This blue symbol to Safe Network is a cube, in 3D … couldn´t it be a more obvious box , rotate is a little (real 3d) with something yellow or red inside meaning it is maid to keep things safe? then it would be a nice emoji, IMHO!

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Nice spelling error. I don’t know if it could used as a slogan: Maidsafe, made to keep things safe.


Maidsafe, maid to keep things safe.

fixed that for you :wink:


I’ve never written it but have copy pasted things that use Unicode but presented themselves as an image while copying/pasting. I think it’s like @davidpbrown shows in his reply

It looks like we have a very different road than to BTC. Not only is The SAFE Network not a currency but we will likely need more precedence of the SAFE Network symbol being used widely throughout the internet and pop culture. Luckily, we’re getting there! Like with Ralph Breaks The Internet.

To regroup the strategy. We should

  • Make a case of precedence
  • Show global use of the symbol
  • Define what we want the symbol applied to within Unicode. ie ‘networking’ ‘online privacy’ ‘online security’ or something else that could fit.

He has has had a few successful proposals adopted to Unicode. A good article to look into. I’ll try to read up more this weekend.

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