is out of date?

The downloads section is out of date.

Also does anyone else feel that the video on the front page should be replaced with a video that explains what the network is, as opposed to how to use an out of date launcher and demo app?


That’s @frabrunelle’s site. He should jump in here in a bit to answer.

I just updated the Downloads page!

I’ll try to update it more quickly next time :slight_smile: Don’t hesitate to remind me if I forget.

Yes I agree that this video is now outdated :stuck_out_tongue: What video should we put instead?


Let me just say I appreciate what you do with And I would also like to thank you for the quick response.

I would replace the video with the video maidsafe uses for their main page.


Yes, I think that’s probably the best video we can use for now.

I just updated the front page:

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


It’s looking good. I like the download launcher button :grinning:

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I wonder the related twitter account is behind the times too … last tweet talks of Test5. => @safenetworkorg


Fyi…new video going into the works in the next couple of days, should be ready in 4/6 weeks.


@frabrunelle might also be a good idea to let people who visit know that the network is in pre-alpha testing. Use at own risk*!