Safenetwork logo too centralised

I appreciate the competition to design a new logo, and to be honest I liked this winning entry, that was until I’ve really started to see it. Hey, once seen never unseen, and all that. Anyway is the logo not too centralised? Take out the middle node and all you’ve now got are disparate networks not talking to each other. I don’t think this defines Safenetwork nor the 10+ years hard graft in creating a new network.

Ps. I firmly believe in the project but now have doubts over the subliminal logo message.


You can see it like this: you are at the center and the nodes around it are only the small part of the network you are allowed to see.


That makes sense.

It also looks like 3 sides of a cube, so assuming there are 3 more sides, everything could join up without the middle node.


You may like this version created by nowfeelsafer better.


The logo has really grown on me. In regards to design, there are certain design principles that are used throughout the design and art world, such as the use of positive and negative space, symmetry, and focal points. In fact, the natural world has a lot of symmetry in it, and human beings often consider symmetry beautiful whether we consciously realize it or not. I understand your philosophical perspective, but I think the logo’s symmetry adds to a lot of its appeal. If you look closely, you will also notice that the logo has the outlines of a 3D cube. At first glance the nodes may seem somewhat random, but there is actually structure. Finding order within within chaos. Since some of the algorithms of Maidsafe are inspired by structure in the natural world, the symmetry of the logo I find appropriate. I also really like the idea that the logo is focused on nodes and a network.


I noticed the centralized theme of this logo from the beginning - which is why I did not vote for it! Grrrrrr … but whatevvs … it’s just a logo and most people don’t seem to care, so long as it looks cool.

so movin on, nothing to see here

whoa you’re right. look at the logo as if it were a cube, like a singular die, longest lines being the corners.

I never saw a centralized aspect of it. You are the center lol.

Do you know that wherever you are, you are always the center of the universe?
Not because there is a center, but because it is a matter of perspectives.
This case the center might simply look the center just because it is facing this way. If the dice was on another angle, that central point would also look like the center of the cube.


The logo isn´t centralised. It´s really the way you look at it. It could also me the segment of a larger pattern

More importantly: I think people need to stop wasting time in interpreting and philosophising. Logos don´t work like that and they are not supposed to do what you think they should do: it´s not the task of a logo to denotate or resemble a specific message. Association is way more important. You could take literally every famous brand and question it this way. Vagueness implies the possibility of contradictions, but it rather drives the brand than making it unusable as this discussion somewhat suggests.

This logo can be developed and embedded in the larger narrative of SAFE, it can also be questioned, but I don´t really see the point of the latter, since there are good reasons for sticking to it. With every design some people won´t be satisfied - that´s life. Also, people need to consider that this is mostly a taste-discussion, for the larger part of the community has no professional design expertise.

Just my 50 SAFEcents


very similar logo,

to me “the” middle node is not necessarily one single node. It can represent more than one depending on the perspective. It can really be in the middle or it can be one of two corner nodes of the cube, doesnt it? Therefore the network is not dependent on one single middle node, because this middle node is actually three different nodes

The big thing is the node in the middle isn’t necessarily physically connected in the 3d cube perspective. There could be wireless disjuncts or just disjuncts.

Yes I agree now that you’ve pointed it out to me. The central node is not necessarily the central node and all 3 of these nodes could be interconnected in some manner, hardwired or wireless. Interestingly doesn’t the Safenetwork keep 3 copies of whatever data you store? Maybe this is the hidden central meaning of the these nodes.