SafeNetwork Dark mode πŸŒ—

Hello guys,
topics in this forum are really interesting, so me (and think many others) spend much time reading them during both day and night.

  • Thus, what about adding a dark/night mode to both the SafeNetwork browser and SafeNetwork Forum?

I know that it might sound useless or that it’s not of course a priority right now, but i think that it could make people surf on the SafeBrowser or read topics on the Forum easily and for more time.
What you think about it? Hope you appreciate;)


On some Android phones you can enable accessibility settings and triple-tap your home button to invert your screen colours to make backgrounds black nicely :+1:

Also color inversion is quite easy in Windows and Mac as well


Alright thanks @whiteoutmashups :+1:

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there is a way to put a dark theme on the forum:


Very useful!. Thank you @Dimitar !

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