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This is slick. Would a Safenet application mirroring this be popular? raises a $10M Series A with Jared Leto and Kevin Spacey as investors


looks kind of like a slack for video production …super cool!

in the future with computing this should be possible on safe x100 no?

what are your thoughts on safenet app replicating slack?

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I think it would be huge. I have always been a fan of business facing apps for SAFE like CRMs, internal social media, workflows, etc because the data meets most encryption standards and never touches a third party server.

As for slack specifically, something like Mattermost would be a good option for SAFE i think.

The issue with the existing apps is nuking the client/server backend and hooking them into the API. Once this gets into a groove, taking open source products and porting them I think will happen very quickly.

A big draw to SAFE will be the fact that these types of products can be offered at lower prices to the user since hopefully the app devs will get paid by usage and not have to do exorbitant pay models or cover the interface in ads!


Nice. So if you had your pick of just 2 apps that would easily attract volumes of new users - by way of conventional media exposure - to the safenetwork, what would they be? And would you expect any significant UX/UI investment to compete with the centralized incumbents?

At this point in time I would go for a twitter type app and something like safepress.

For twitter-ish apps, knowing that there are options that can potentially have less or no ads, never mess with your personal info and are not curated or edited or selectively removed could be a big draw

For safepress, for me anyway, knowing my data is safe, my uptime is theoretically 100% and I can post whatever comes into my twisted head is a big plus. Also the option of having opt IN filters and white/black lists is a huge draw, and that the more popular my site becomes the faster it runs will be some potentially big marketing points.

As for UI, the front ends have gotten pretty back-end agnostic as far as having options like Boostrap and all the new frameworks for HTML5, Electron, PhoneGap, etc. keeps the cost of the UI development fairly low…

there is just so much dang potential it is hard to narrow it down though!!! Can you imagine something like SharePoint or Salesforce on the business side being on SAFE??!! epic!


Nice. 2 key enterprise apps for Safenetwork.

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Rocket.Chat is another option similar to Mattermorst.!

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