SafeNetwork authentication

I want to make a signature scheme for a user authentication for an app. I want proof of the user that he meant to register with his safe network id. I cannot just have safe network id in the database because anyone could submit that without user’s knowledge. I want to ask safenetwork devs, will it be possible for users of safe network to sign some data as with RSA private key?

You could have the user send a message to your (your app’s) ID using his ID.

  • Generate a random string
  • Ask the user to send it in a message to your app (or publish the string in a public text file using his ID, then paste the link to the form)

Definitely, the client already does this all the time to interact with the SAFE network:

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Great, are there any API calls for this yet for testing? Or this all will be part of a JSON interface with the launcher?