Safenet & DPI resilience + farmer sustainability?

Hi, I was just wondering how safenet could circumvent Deep Packet Inspection in highly censuring countries ? I mean, even Tor, being banned, needs special bridges because of that.

Another issue in those countries, where internet usage is under close scrutiny : how can individual farmers avoid being particularly targeted by governmental surveillance when their vaults are continuously issuing or receiving encrypted communications ? Won’t that arouse particular suspicion and thus instead of protecting their liberty of speech, get them into more trouble ?

I understand that deep packet inspection and other traffic identification techniques are either not going to work or very much harder with Safe than Tor etc. Search for “great firewall” and you should find some discussions on why.

Without that, handling encrypted traffic is going to look very normal. Almost all your traffic should be encrypted now, so running a vault isn’t likely to draw attention.

It will be interesting to see those in action when vaults at home resume. Let’s see if it gets through the great firewall.