Safenet and Cloudflare

Would Cloudflare compliment Safenet in keeping our private information, well… private?

Cloudflare provides a CDS service and DDoS protection which are not needed with SAFE Network.

I’m not sure why you think it can help privacy, being a corporation I don’t think it is trustable.

IPFS are using it as a gateway, which I see as a backwards step. Cloudflare is a single point of failure (tracking and censorship for example), so their alliance highlights some of the weaknesses within IPFS (lacking privacy, security and censorship resistance).

I’m not an expert on Cloudflare, but that’s my understanding.

Hope that helps, and welcome to the forum (I just read your intro).


thank you for going easy on me. (after having read my intro;). im currently using brave browser complimented with cloudflare while i wait to gain credibility within safenet.