SafeMaid as an alternative to Youtube

The so called Alternative Media and Independent “journalists” have been under pressure and censor for a while.
For many of them it’s their only income, Youtube and Patreon e.g., support/donations from their subscribers and followers.

These services have been acting out lately, by removing their videos, by demonetizing them (which means you don’t earn a cent) and very recently they even delete Patreon accounts, respectively, they lose their income.

And they claim that it’s because of hate speech etc. I’m sure there are some among you who know that’s not the case, they just try to keep their mouths shut because it doesn’t fit their narrative. Don’t believe me, fine, doesn’t matter, let’s cut to the chase.

Let’s say that we make a Youtube-like application for MaidSafe.
And i upload some videos… Can MaidSafe anyhow remove them from appearing on MaidSafe?


Nope :slight_smile: nobody can.

That’s why we’re here and why we’re so passionate about it :smiley:

I made a simple YouTube app for SAFE right here, or if you are using a regular browser you can see a demo website version here


That’s a relief. But are you sure about it? I’m not really that familiar with all this concept, but if really no one can remove their videos, it’s the future for these people. And MaidSafe even has it’s own currency, making it easy for their subscribers to support these guys.

However, what are the chances that MaidSafe won’t be compromised someday, bought by some Internet giant like Google or Faceberg and modified in a way to destroy “the future”? :slight_smile:

Another problem.
Small auditory… will take time to get loads of people to use MaidSafe daily.
So, is there some “relay”, “proxy” option, a potential feature, like a normal browser’s extension that could let you access MaidSafe applications in your normal browser, Chrome, Firefox etc?


Immutable data cannot be deleted. While the links in the mutable data can be changed by the owner, the underlying files cannot be deleted.

So you need an APP or safesite that links to the files to get exposure. Just like what @whiteoutmashups has made.

Not at this time. But I’d expect that someone will make an addon for those browsers to read/load files from the SAFE network


All internal code is GPL3, that would be an instafork :wink:

That is a bigger question, yes it’s possible, we showed it via a proxy, but it’s not all that great. The dedicated SAFE browser is easier on folks. The better answer is there will be apps you don’t know use SAFE, but they will potentially install a vault, so be free, pay you cash etc.

The larger (more accurate) answer is SAFE is not the Internet, it’s different, the apps will be able to do things you cannot on the Internet (like car sharing data between companies, IOT collaboration etc.). When devs move from mimicking current Internet apps to new apps/systems we will see something quite amazing I hope. Things like robots sharing info, cars being autonomous and autonomously sharing data without owners, medical machines sharing scans/results etc. All this is possible due to no ownership of the network itself (autonomous and anonymous).

The potential for a different view of collaboration, security and border-less networking can be achieved here IMHO, we need to finish building it first though and then the devs can start to see the opportunities as we move along. My opinion is we won’t have facebook, Google etc. it will look very different, I wish I knew exactly how, but that is the thrill of it all.


I agree, while a Facebook clone could be a fun project, I’m not sure it would be a success since most people are already on Facebook those who like sharing there the most don’t care that much about privacy, so I am not sure a Facebook clone on SAFE would get a lot of users,completely new concepts would be more likely to succeed I think.

That said, I was thinking about how you might make a Facebook clone on SAFE earlier today, and it would seem to me that you could make an app that could look almost identical to Facebook.

It would have a couple important differences though, each user would store their own profile and adding someone as a friend boils down to getting read access to their profile data and maybe write access to their wall/timeline.

You could even have a news feed like todays Facebook. Now here is one issue I am wondering about though. At the moment the app would have to poll each of your friends profiles in the background to check if they’ve posted any new posts. You would have a local cache of your friends’ posts that a newsfeed algorithm that runs locally would use to create the feed. There’s supposed to be push at some point right? Are there plans to make it possible to subscribe to updates to MDs?


I agree, while a Facebook clone could be a fun project, I’m not sure it would be a success since most people are already on Facebook

Amoungst SAFErs it would… in the begining. Imagine having a Facebook type service where you have complete control over your private data, leave and join at will. Mount your personal profile when you want to interact, unmount when you don’t. Facebook is still a bit too “creepy”.

All you need is a name, you could call it ? Any legal action would immediately legitimise the safe:// network.


I would use it! We should have a poll of the 4000+ users here.


I never used Facebook, but would use Safebook


I am sure lots of people here would use it. What I mean is that I don’t think a large percentage of the 1 billion+ facebook users are going to switch.

It would be good marketing for safenet for sure. A privacy preserving facebook/safebook running on a decentralized network would make some headlines and it would show developers what SAFE is capable of.


Likely they wouldn’t change right away, but MySpace was big before Facebook ever existed. Millennials also are not using Facebook all that much, opting for other social media platforms.

All you really need to do is get the interest of millennials and the rest will follow suit in 5-10 years. Offering full freedom of speech with no censorship and full control of your own data would be a big seller, I think. Despite the social media generation throwing away their private data like candy, I think they could easily be swayed into not doing that if the platform is robust enough.

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I think safebook in itself isn’t enough to get large amount of users to switch, but it’s a start.

There is a very interesting thing that happens once the users own the data themselves and the database isn’t locked away in some servers in a datacenter.

With facebook, if there’s something you don’t like, you can’t do much more than whine about it or stop using facebook.

With apps running on SAFE and the users being in charge own their own data, anyone could write a new app that uses the exact same data.

Maybe you made safebook and I’ve been using it for a while, but I don’t like the way posts are prioritized in my news feed I make my own version, booksafe, that any safebook user can use, but it uses another algorithm for choosing which posts to put in the feed.

That’s what I think could eventually get users off facebook. The ability to experiment with different concepts, completely different ways of displaying the same underlying data is what might be the key.

I can have my contact list and use it with a simple instant messaging app, but can choose not to use any apps with news feeds or whatever. If we’re both using different IM client, I’m using SafeBook Messenger, but you’re instead using What’s SAFE, we can still message each other as long as they use the same data format.

With SAFE you can always use your data with any app that supports the data format. You can take your contact list, messages etc with you and use in any social network on SAFE as long as it knows how to render the data. Maybe some doesn’t support, say, groups, but then it will just ignore your groups, but you’ll still have your chatrooms. Another one that supports groups maybe doesn’t support chatrooms, but you’ll have the option to use what you want and your data can always follow your anywhere, without any need for exporting it and importing it or whatever.


And you could have layers of that too. By encrypting the data you can then have each post to the wall have selected friends be able to read. A proper APP can ensure the user has more control over who reads what and the APP owner cannot unless allowed.

Unless your a politician with millions of fake friends then a few hundred polls a day shouldn’t be a problem.

The other possibility is that the messaging layer will allow the user to post on their wall and their closest friends get a message via SAFE’s messaging. (still to be exposed via api)

And then as you allude to, some form of MDs could be used. In any case your friends have their own MDs for their wall and polling a hundred or 2 MDs will be child’s play for an APP.


This is a really good point. This makes establishing the data formats for storing and sharing messages, posts and so on key, because if different apps follow the same standards we get exactly this flexibility.

I’m hopeful that @Seneca and others will be mindful if this and will try to establish standards that others will want to follow.

There will also be those who go there own way, and that’s fine too, so long as users understand the consequences of choosing apps based on standards and those that don’t - which would mean the standards need some kind of recognition (eg a badge displayed by the app).


While standards are great, there will always be lots of people who either didn’t know about the standards or wanted to do things in a different way. Then there’s also partially overlapping data models used by different apps. I think the solution to this is to make public libraries for converting between different data formats. If there was a standard defined for sending messages in an instant messaging client and I was making one using that standard, but then wanted to send messages to some friends who used other clients that were made before the standard was agreed upon, I could just find a library for converting those messages to the new standard and hopefully those other instant messaging clients would eventually change to the standard too or my friends would switch, but in the meantime at least I’d be able to communicate with them.


I’m really glad to see this sort of question being asked here. I just posed something quite similar on the subreddit.

I just started this thread. I think we are singing from the same song sheet. I think we can offer this group of people solutions, but will we? - #3 by goindeep