Safely moving MAID

Is there any way to move MAID without putting my private key on or downloading the entire blockchain? If not, how can I keep Omnicore from pegging my CPU for days while it downloads the blockchain and verifies transactions? Last time it prevented me from working and I had to give up. Would it be better to download with bitcoin-qt and import the blockchain from there to Omnicore?

no need to do that to store it… move ur maid to a btc wallet… put the btc pub address in omni to check maid balance…you dont need to import keys unless your moving it to an exchange like polo

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My goal is to be able to move MAID.

No need to download the blockchain if you’re using the web interface & tools.

Also, omni claims all private keys are only sent to the server in an encrypted way (also is open souece so this claim can be verified).

Info coming from here

There’s no way to know what’s happening server-side when you visit Technically, every private key submitted there could be logged and stored.


Also, consider the fact that the lead developer of the Omniwallet project is also the Director of Infrustructure at Binfinex, so be careful. lol


yes but i think they are so much different, one is a wallet and the other is a exchange, probably have completly different structures