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safegit: Decentralised Git on SAFE Network

by happybeing, 21 February 2019
This article explains how to create a decentralised git repository on SAFE Network, push to it, clone from it, and submit pull requests back to it. So all the normal git functionality is working, right now.


SAFE: safe://dweb/blog/post/


just wanted to mention that i love what you do and how you do it =)

(i’m super busy lately and don’t manage to get anything worth mentioning done…)


@riddim thanks, I appreciate that. I’m luck I do have time and I also love what I do :blush:

You do a great job too, and thank you for that.


Great thing is the site is even faster on SAFE than it is on the WWW. Have you tried it on the community network? I will also have a tinker when I have a moment (which I don’t right now unfortunately).


Incredibly good work, Mark! You’re really showing everybody that they don’t have to wait. Can start laying the groundwork right now.


Teensy weensy nit-pick

The link 404s cos it has a trailing ‘)’


Amazing work Mark! This community wouldn’t be what it is without your presence and knowledge over the years and the insanely productive effort you’ve put forth with SAFEdrive and SAFEgit recently. Keep pluggin’ away!



@happybeing, I think you just secured a massive future user base.

Just amazing. Thank you.

I think at some point soon git clients like gitkraken should be reached out to. Really would be great to have safegit in gitkraken.

Edit: This is the type of news to buy company shares on, time to buy some more maids.


Very nice! Keep up the great work @happybeing!


Thanks everyone, it is great and very helpful believe me to receive these comments from folk I’ve come to know and respect.

Extra thanks @Southside, for taking the trouble to report broken links is really helpful. UPDATE: now fixed on Web, and will be fixed on SAFE when I next publish a new post.


Well done @happybeing