SAFEdir - Visual Directory of SAFE TEST 11 Sites (live)



Hacked up a 2nd lil site today: safe://dir.wom4

Visual / aesthetic directory of everything that exists on current TEST 11 Net.

Use SAFE Browser to view it. It’s very easy & fun to use!

@davidpbrown or @yvette or someone also had a directory but it looks like they have been a little busy and haven’t updated it for quite a few months, so I thought I’d help.

Here’s the GitHub:

As you can see on the page, I’m working on adding ways for you to automatically submit your links to the page,

but for now, post your safe:// links below and I’ll add em in!

#EDIT: This is actually TEST 11

SAFEtube - Video Player (by SAFE-FS)
Joseph's Safe Websites Project

Let me know if you have any feedback!

Looking forward to seeing people post new safe:// links here also!


Well done…

Just to note, while it suggests ‘AlphaNet’ this does look to be on SAFE11 and not ye olde Alpha; expecting that is for the functionality.

Nice to see more options… I’ll have to figure out a way of scraping that detail… and feel free to do the inverse. I’ll give yvette a nudge later on and update.


Hmm ok @polpolrene said that also, I must be confused.

I was using launcher 0.9.2 or something, which I thought meant Alpha.

What determines if I’m using Alpha or test 11? Is test 11 still using the old code and providing user-hosted vaults?


Alpha is medium term stable network - and consequently the one with a thousand and one sites

Test11 was a faster burn that allowed more ambitious functionality and comments to be tried out


Oh, then I think I’ll do this again for alpha.

How do I access alpha?

Does safe://dir.yvette/ work on alpha, and list all the thousand+ websites?


That link to Alpha post should still have the right link for the Alpha launcher. Copy I’ve got looks to be v0.8.0 launcher… so

Yes… though I wonder it’s only Test11 that has the do it yourself list too = safe://diy.yvette as that required the new option for user interaction.


Thanks very much!

I should have known. Must have been mixed up. Thanks I’ll definitely get to work on a real directory for the true alpha net now, and correct this post


and Test11 safe://dir.yvette just updated on the back of lite scan…

Out of 95 PublicIDs guessed, fell 32 websites

Alpha update to follow but will take a day or so to crawl.

Edit:… and I found a route to view source of safe://dir.wom4 in beaker but it’s a bit fiddly… view.[Toggle devTools].CtrlP.saveas… and grep; still, it’s worth it as now becomes

Out of 99 PublicIDs guessed, fell 40 websites


Half-way done with my true alpha version

Took a while. Alpha is so much bigger! :stuck_out_tongue:


SAFEdir - Visual Directory of all ALPHA Sites (live)

A website with a trading system: safe://forex.alien

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