SAFEdir - Visual Directory of all ALPHA Sites (live)

Hacked up a 3rd lil site today:

(couldn’t get the MaidSafe Demo App to work on Alpha, so I just made this clearnet version. Still works well if you’re using Firefox / Chrome etc AND LAUNCHER, which is the only way to use Alpha that I know of)

Here’s the GitHub:

Alpha was soooooooo much bigger than the TEST 11 one, so this one took a lot longer sorry. This literally has EVERY unique site that exists on Alpha. Hope you guys like it! Still working on ways to automate everything.

Now it’s time to dive into SD etc with safe-js to learn how to start making these sites dynamic! :smiley:


Looks great, did you do it all manually? Good for the cut-and-pasting muscles!

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Try 0.6.0

Beaker 4.0 works well for Alpha

cough MANY cough



I only left out the ones that were one single word on a blank html page, or the regular MaidSafe demo template left blank.

Everything that has actual content is in this directory.

Thanks for the info on alpha!! Very helpful!!

I don’t know how it’s possible to find everything… it’s not made apparent, unless some change has occurred… all that I list are the ones I can guess or find easily by brute force. Any more obscure ones will likely stay hidden until declared. Hence the list of [PublicID exists but no known website or service content] on mine and many others then I expect that the PublicID is less simple. If 80% of everything is simple, then perhaps 20% is below water.

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Yeah I meant everything unique from your list

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I only suggest it because I wonder the obscurity is a feature to some… if you create a bitcoin address like url, then it would be a game finding it. I don’t know, what is planned for shared private access.

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I’m still finding all that rather confusing and the information seems to be spread out all over the place. I think there needs to be more comprehensive tutorials written on it. You know x line of code does this, y line of code does that. More code examples on how to produce x, y or z result. Step by step stuff all in one place. I shouldn’t have to reverse engineer a website if I’m trying to learn code in the first place.


My problem with all this SAFE-FS and SAFE.js and SAFE-Browser stuff is not the actual premise of it all but that there’s too much hype, too much rapid development and not enough documentation and tutorials being written, especially where the code is concerned for things like safe.js or SD. It’s like “Woot! Go maidsafe! Woot we have SD! Woot! We have our own SAFE Browser! Woohoo we have safe.js and a whole new web arcitecture to learn but STILL no tutorials to tell us how to do anything but who cares! Go Maidsafe!” But we can’t build anything with all this newly developed code if we don’t have the documentation! We can’t put anything together if we don’t have clear step by step instructions on how to take this code and turn it into apps to run on the SAFE network. And I don’t care if SAFE is or isn’t responsible for teaching people how to learn javascript or anything else. We still need clear well written tutorials on how to understand whatever language these things are written in because unlike the developers who are coding all of this not everyone has been writing code for years. Some of use are just starting to write code because we’re getting excited about maidsafe and writing our own apps. And guess what? That’s a very good thing! That’s something to be encouraged! That’s not something to say “Ho hum. You need to work more, these other guys are profesionals and you’re just an amature, go read more.” No! totally wrong attitude! That’s like me saying to a kid that is interested in reading about biology but doesn’t know how to read some of the more advanced vocabulary “Oh well it’s in the glossery and I guess you need to learn how to read the dictionary. It’s on wikipedia somewhere go search.” Or worse yet “Oh well if you don’t know how to read yet you’ll learn or you’ll be shoveling ditches all your life. Not my problem.” Programming code is a language, inability to read and write code is a literacy issue. It’s as real as not being able to read and write English. So we need to treat it as such. If we’re going to change the paradigm we need kick ass tutorials and to also reference kick ass tutorials that are exceptionally clear and concise that any fifth grader could understand. (Most people read at a 9th grade level. Let’s assume ha a proportion of the populace failed high school. That means that their literacy level is even lower. So keep it simple.)

Well my overall response to that is that yes there needs to be better documentation and yes I’m working on that (see my all in one tutorial site for new devs on my Github), but also SAFE is not at that point yet.

I only really know safe-js so far (and not even all of it yet) but even that is about to undergo radical changes / become obsolete once MaidSafe releases the Authenticator (which will replace the Launcher) in the next week or so.

So finishing my all-in-one tutorial website would be pointless as it would be obsolete in a week or so from now.

And if you want to be a dev then go for it but don’t have all these expectations about what you “should” and “shouldn’t” have to do.

If you want to code for SAFE or for anything, you need to try things and run into walls and break through them here and there.

For example, reverse-engineering my site in the OP here from the Github would be quite easy and I’ve set it up to be easy to read. All you really need is the index.html and look at the input tags and their corresponding javascript functions a few lines down to copy all the functionality. I always try to make my code very easy to replicate but will take that even further with my tutorial site once MaidSafe decides on their APIs

It’s still early software so everything isn’t perfected yet so if you actually want to dev here then you need to accept that :stuck_out_tongue:

But that being said, I’m still working on bringing down the learning barrier, like many others are :slight_smile: and the lower it goes, the more app devs we will have, which means more great apps will exist :slight_smile:

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So, I’ve done a rough pass update of Alpha directory.

No surprises that I saw from that but I couldn’t get the Demo App to authorise to update the old version, despite being logged in ok to the account… I won’t worry about that given that suggestion the launcher is being replaced. New account uploaded easily; so, the update is at yvette2 instead.

Out of 1948 PublicIDs guessed, fell 718 websites

Given there’s a lot of PublicIDs there for which I do not have websites, I’d expect a few more websites than I could guess at with simple subdomains like blog and www.


Thanks for the update! Very cool!

And yeah demo app is safe-js, meaning it’s made for TEST 11, not alpha

Demo app is there for Alpha, it’s just an earlier version… I had to use it to upload the new list. It’s just giving a ‘Failed to authorise with launcher.’, against very old accounts of mine… but new accounts work. Some bug then I hope will disappear in whatever is the new.

Oh sorry I thought you meant the demo app that I made

This is an app that I really want to update for Alpha 2 on mobile. It’s already responsive.

You can see it on the clearnet at:

I’ll have to update the links (they still say http://___.safenet lol remember those days?) and images and gifs… :cry: :muscle:

But this will be an amazing portal for all mobile users to easily scroll and see previews and direct links to everything that exists on Alpha 2.

Really excited to work on updating this one

That’s how it looks on mobile & desktop

Like a big visual menu of all Alpha 2 sites


Woo! Lazydog is famous! :rofl: