SAFEDEV Amsterdam December 9th!

Like Maidsafe already announced in the development update last week, there will be a meetup in Amsterdam on the 9th of December. Organizers are of course @lightyear together with @Seneca, @krekc and myself.

If you want to attend the first kick-off SAFEDEV Amsterdam event along with some great names:

@nicklambert COO of Maidsafe
@lightyear Dev & Community outreach of Maidsafe
@frabrunelle Community & Developer Support of Maidsafe
@seneca Founder of Project Decorum
aaaaand @melvin :smiley:

You can RSVP for the SAFEDEV kick-off event here:

Two days before the kick-off event of SAFEDEV Amsterdam, @lightyear will give a presentation about the SAFE Network at the Bitcoin Wednesday meetup.
###Please RSVP for the Bitcoin Wednesday meetup here:

We’re looking very much forward to meeting as much community members as possible! See you on the 9th of December!


How many safe devs live in Amsterdam? And is Amsterdam popular spot for innovation technology (silicon valley 2.0)?

I’m not a dev and not from Amsterdam but I already know about 5-10 people that really like SAFE and own Maidsafecoin, both devs and non-devs :slight_smile:

There are a few startup accelerators and quite a lot of meetups in Amsterdam as well. Not sure if you can see it as silicon valley 2.0 but at least the rent is skyhigh, so there’s a start :stuck_out_tongue:

The Bitcoin meetup where @lightyear will give a presentation is quite big (last time I was there, there were like 50 people I guess, for me that’s big)


I’ll be there and hopefully on time (if not too much traffic jam, coming from the North of Belgium).

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Will anything be be recorded?


Anyone knows whether @Melvin is going to attend?

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He’s one of the organizers, so what do you think :joy: :joy::joy:. I try to be there as well as long as my health isn’t bugging me too much. Great to meet all these Safies© and have a conversation in real life.


Don´t worry, twas just a joke because Melvin mentioned himself twice :wink:

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Did I :joy: ? Still don’t see it. Although maybe it’s bad enough I’ve put myself amongst the ‘great names’ :smiley:


You deserve it @Melvin, you deserve it :wink:

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