SafeDataType =>?

Are subdomains limited by their PublicID parent’s Native data type?

What are the use cases for each flavour of SafeDataType?..

Listed below, I get the obvious ones - SafeKey and I recognize PublishedSeqAppendOnlyData is used by websites but looking for a comprehensive plain English suggestion of what each is for.

from //safe-api/src/api/app/

SafeKey = 0x00,
PublishedImmutableData = 0x01,
UnpublishedImmutableData = 0x02,
SeqMutableData = 0x03,
UnseqMutableData = 0x04,
PublishedSeqAppendOnlyData = 0x05,
PublishedUnseqAppendOnlyData = 0x06,
UnpublishedSeqAppendOnlyData = 0x07,
UnpublishedUnseqAppendOnlyData = 0x08,
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Yes , this is one that needs defined in Plain English. I get dreadfully confused over this.

And if we native speakers are having trouble, what about our users for whom English is not the first language?

There’s a chapter in the Primer on these data types which I think is still up-to-date-ish


Thank you @JPL some of the fog beginning to lift (a little) now.

This is a decent summary - perhaps it needs expanded with clickable links

Can some of the devs confirm this is still the latest thinking?

I wonder if it is worth trying to map (as far as practicable) the Unix file permissions to the above?

from or trying to derive our own version of the familiar notation?
It would of course not be an exact mapping, but it may assist when trying to get new devs up to speed with SAFE

EDIT: thinking out loud here…

we are used to the familiar “trio of triads with the two strange ones” --rwxrwxrwx
read write execute

but in SAFE its more like read write mutable sequenced published

hmmm - bit more thinking needed here - back later - I knew it wouldnt be straightforward - cos if it was it would have been done…
Octal permissions like 0755 work OK when its only rwx , extending that to rwmsp makes it much more unweildy. I can see now why it wasnt done that way befor…


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