Safecoins and invitation questions

Hi, everyone. I am new to here so I may have some questions about the safe network.
I’ve downloaded the exe and open it but it requires me to submit an invitation quote but I don’t know where to get. Also, I’ve bought the bitcoin and want to exchange with maidsafe coin but the process video has been expired.:frowning: Can anyone help me?


You can trade the BTC for MAID at one of the exchanges listed here: MaidSafeCoin price today, MAID to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap

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You need to be Trust Level 1 in order to get an invite. Here are the requirements to reach that level -
Trust Level 1 (Basic User) Requirements

Then after you’ve reached Trust Level 1 open the “SAFE Browser” and access the Authenticator page by selecting either area circled in red as indicated in the image below:

Then on the page that loads select “CREATE ACCOUNT”. After you select “CREATE ACCOUNT” you will be guided through the process of creating an account and obtaining an invitation code.

Please let me know if you need any help with the create account portion.



Hello I am in that stage I need an invitation token to continue the registration process!

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You must reach Trust Level 1 on this forum before you can receive an invitation.

To reach Trust Level 1 you must do the following:

  • entering at least 30 topics
  • reading at least 180 posts
  • spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts

Hi, Upstate!

I make a query, I just received an insimnia in my badges that says that I am already Level 1, that is to say the basic one, now my question is how to achieve my Token, where it is enabled,


Juan Jose,

You have to download the SAFE Browser zip file for your OS. Unzip it and then run the SAFE Browser.exe file. Then look at the links showing the “Authenticator” above. Clicking this will start the process of signing up and claiming an invitation code. You will only obtain a code going through this process unless there are special circumstances like you are a developer, etc.


Ok, Thanks Septentrional.

hi I just got my basic user status. I need a invitation token to finish downloading the browser. How do I get the token?

Just go here update your IP and copy the invite code, run SAFE Browser and paste in the invite code when you create an account.

I’ve made it up to the Alpha 2 part but it’s just loading. It’s been loading a few minutes now which is weird. Should I reload the page?

It’s saying “Please Wait” but I don’t think anything’s happening. I’ll just wait

Are you talking about the invite site or the SAFE Browser?

I think it’s the invite site.

It’s the testnet thing

Strange - it’s working fine for me. It should be pretty much instantaneous. Can you try a different browser?

Okay I got it! I switched to google chrome and it happened in an instant like you said. I’m just going thru the last steps. Thanks so much, this is such a cool site eh?

Cool - what was your original browser by the way? Would be good to know in case it happens to anyone else.

MS Edge, I like chrome better. I’m at the part where safe browser wants to make an app container. What do I need to do there?
Manage Permissions

It;s the authorized apps part, can I skip this part?