Safecoin Wallet - Checking and Savings Idea

Checking: an account that can be filled by the user and authorized to let other entities have access to on a case by case basis.

Example: User authorizes an email app to automatically deduct payments from the users checking account to send emails.

Savings: an account that can only be accessed by the user.

My concern is the average user will get tired and burnt out accepting every little transaction. This would allow the user to conviently have their account charged and prevent apps from draining a users account completely.

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Any idea on how to implement it? Sounds like it needs a smart contract where users can submit their authorizations.


Not with the actual implementation. In fact, in the MD transfer of ownership, the Apps are explicitly excluded.

Transfer of ownership

Ownership transfers are a special case. The apps are not allowed to do this operation. They will need to ask the Authenticator to do this. Maid-Managers shall enforce that change_mdata_owner only comes from the owner. Data-Managers shall enforce that current owner of the data matches the incoming Maid-Manager group.

Maybe can be possible if exist an altcoin pegged with the safecoin, similar to those in Decorum, that could activate a transfer by some permission control.

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