Safecoin Video Animation CEP


To be honest… I think many people that ‘use crypto lately’ (buy them) have absolutely no idea how it works and why and where the differences are between different projects in crypto space

Seems like those are not the target group - but still they are a large and growing group out there :thinking:


All good points raised above @neo, thanks. As @nicklambert says, this particular video is really focused on helping existing traders and those with a knowledge of Bitcoin or other blockchains to understand what Safecoin is. In addition, as @riddim points out, we’ll also be looking at educating complete newcomers but that will be outside this particular project. More details to follow on that when we have them! I’ve made the edit to the original post above - let me know if you think it’s still unclear.


There is a lot of focus on explaining the technical aspect of SafeCoin. I would put more focus on showing potential uses for SafeCoin and what problems we have today that SafeCoin can solve.


I like the feel of this waves promotional vid. Fast but still conveys the message.


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If anyone else is looking to submit a proposal on this RFP please get them in today! Remember to subit your proposal a new thread in the #community:proposals section to allow the community to ask questions.

We have some great proposals so far, please ask the appliants any questions you may have by Friday and will kick off voting soon.


Voting via (LTC) or the like correct? Not a forum vote? Sorry just a little confused on that part.

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Yes, only MaidSafeCoin votes count in these

Like you I’d want to know who the audience is and what the plan is to get ghat video viewed, via which channels and what is the ultimate goal?

This is the audience


I just read that are proposals still open do you know two of my buddies do good videos bit I need time to chat with them. I’d be the director and writer. @dugcampbell @SarahPentland is this still open? For whatever reason I only saw this today.

I’d like do a video similar to this

With a vibe like this, sorta kinda

And finally where and how do I post my proposal and how do I see the others?


The other proposals are just topics in the forum that have the category ‘Proposals’ following the draft in the first post here :slight_smile:

(e.g. Safecoin Video Animation CEP: Hypercube - not wanting to promote something - it was the first topic that I saw when scrolling down and I wanted to link an example ; )

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I think because of the cost of transactions atm, Will, the idea is that we would use a forum poll on the submissions to pick a winner, only sending coins to the winning proposal. I think @SarahPentland posted about this in another thread.


Oh OK I definitely missed that. Thanks


Hi all,

Since the transaction fees are currently exorbitant we have taken the decision to swap the vote to a forum poll.

The winning proposal will then have a wallet address set up by MaidSafe and anyone who is willing to contribute to the funding will have a week to do so.

The voting poll will be set up this Friday and will be open until Wednesday 17th January in the #community:polls section


To clarify, will that wallet address be for MAID, and / or for another lower fee crypto-currency?

Again, if for example 100 people contribute funds to contribute, it’d be a shame for $3000 or so to have been pretty wasted on fees instead of contributing towards results.

If I want to contribute $100 to a proposal, I’d rather not have it reduced to $70 by fees.


Yeh well ill certainly share it across my 40 Strong closed Crypto-craved lads! Ive always backed Maidsafe fomr months and months ago, when the browser came out i couldnt wait to gain status to use it and i completely believe in the platform as a whole… Certainly sharing! Thanks for making it


Hey there. If it’s not late, we would like to submit our candidacy.

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