Safecoin Video Animation CEP

Please note: as we restart the Community Engagement Program, we will start by running only one RFP (the Safecoin Animation RFP) so that we can focus on improving the process moving forwards. We’ll notify the Forum when we’re opening up the RFP channel more generally for everyone to submit their ideas for proposals.

As part of the Community Engagement Program, we’re looking for proposals from the community for a new animation video (with voiceover) that explains and promotes Safecoin to existing active traders and people who already have some active knowledge about Bitcoin and/or blockchains.

This should be a high-level video that acts as an introduction for newcomers who have little or no previous knowledge of the SAFE Network. In our experience, videos with voiceovers receive far higher levels of engagement from viewers. No more than 2 - 2½ minutes long, the animation will take the viewer on a journey that highlights the key points of Safecoin. It would be useful to address how Safecoin differs from Bitcoin in certain areas (such as consensus, transaction speed and encryption) and how it relates to MaidSafeCoin today. After watching the video, the viewer should be in a position to understand clearly what Safecoin is and why it will exist.

All videos must be available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 International license.

Your proposal should also include the following:-

Detailed milestones/stages for the project (so that MaidSafe can provide feedback and comment on the work as it progresses).

How you will approach the project if you end up winning and being awarded more/less MaidSafeCoin than proposed - i.e. what stretch goals could you achieve with more money or what (if anything) could you simplify if you received lower funding?

Once your proposal is added to the #community:proposals category, everyone will then be invited to comment. As a reminder, you should not include an address with your proposal. The community can show its support for a project by sending MaidSafeCoins to an address that will be provided by MaidSafe for each proposal. This ensures that MaidSafe can then transfer all donations to the winning proposal.

Below you’ll find a suggested template to set out your proposal. Good luck!

Example proposal template

[Create a Safecoin animation video].

[How the video will be created; content to be included; resources that will be used; including (a) timescales and (b) milestones for discussion].

Known Limitations:
[If any]

[Anticipated cost of project in MaidSafeCoins]

Stretch Goals:
[With an extra [INSERT] MaidSafeCoins, we will do XXXX]
[With an extra [INSERT] MaidSafeCoins, we will do XXXX]

[Insert details of the team]
Person A
[insert responsibilities, short bio]
Person B
[insert responsibilities, short bio]

POC duration and justification:
[Does the project need a Proof of Concept? If so, how do you see this working?]


Is it okay to propose something using a service such as ?

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I think we would prefer animators within the community to submit a proposal, we’re looking for contributors who have a deep understanding of the technology and it would be great to keep the funds circulating around the community.


Okay I kind of assumed so and respect that :slight_smile:


@dugcampbell @nicklambert

What is the target audience. I am referring to the expertise they have in other tech. In the proposal it is suggested that

It would be useful to address how Safecoin differs from Bitcoin in certain areas (such as consensus, transaction speed and encryption) and how it relates to MaidSafeCoin

And this requires the listener to have a good background knowledge of blockchain technology.

But you want newcomers?

This I feel is inconsistent, since newcomers do not know the crypto technology and so turn off at this point and many could just exit.

To my understanding of audiences this requires 2 vids. One for the newcomers who have little experience in these technologies and one that address newcomers who know crypto technology (in part or more) and are new to SAFE technology. There would be overlap obviously


I would suggest a 90-120 second simple explainer video that explains the benefits of Safecoin and it’s role on the network. This video should be promoted the most, even as a youtube ad perhaps. I think throwing in that maidsafecoin is a proxy token could literally take a whole 10 seconds. At the end say this is where you can find maidsafecoin till launch and show exchanges it’s available at.

This is an important question, that needs to be answered first. If we make a video that wants to target them “all” we will miss. I think there is a need for several videos for diffident “targets”. I do not think that a specific Safecoin video should target new people to this space at this point in time. My choice of targets will be the new and old “enthusiasts” of the crypto space. That want to change the world and be a part of an revolution. Hook them and they will spread the word to the newcomers. So I will start asking who are this people (enthusiasts) and what makes them click? What is it with Safecoin that will relate to this group of people?


Hi Rob, we are looking to get newcomers to SAFE with this video, but those with experience in other crypto/blockchain projects. In future I think it would be good to have a video that appeals to non crypto users, but that is not the intention here. Does that make sense?


Makes sense but was not really in the description above. And it needs to be clear or you might get proposals targeting anyone who doesn’t know SAFE.

To be sure I have it correct you are looking to target those with experience in the crypto space and SAFE is new or unknown to them.


If someone is thinking of submitting a proposal, pm me for a place in the team as an editor. Just know that I’m not world-class, just an amateur with some skill and a lot of enthousiasm.

I was thinking of submitting a proposal myself, but I’m no leader-type kind of guy. Especially on the subject of the Network with my (still) limited understanding of it.

I’m not really sure what the message in the video should be. But I do know how to wrap a message and convey a certain feeling to create a sense of engagement/excitement.

PS. I already started working on a new project of my own. I just couldn’t wait…



To be honest… I think many people that ‘use crypto lately’ (buy them) have absolutely no idea how it works and why and where the differences are between different projects in crypto space

Seems like those are not the target group - but still they are a large and growing group out there :thinking:


All good points raised above @neo, thanks. As @nicklambert says, this particular video is really focused on helping existing traders and those with a knowledge of Bitcoin or other blockchains to understand what Safecoin is. In addition, as @riddim points out, we’ll also be looking at educating complete newcomers but that will be outside this particular project. More details to follow on that when we have them! I’ve made the edit to the original post above - let me know if you think it’s still unclear.


There is a lot of focus on explaining the technical aspect of SafeCoin. I would put more focus on showing potential uses for SafeCoin and what problems we have today that SafeCoin can solve.


I like the feel of this waves promotional vid. Fast but still conveys the message.


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If anyone else is looking to submit a proposal on this RFP please get them in today! Remember to subit your proposal a new thread in the #community:proposals section to allow the community to ask questions.

We have some great proposals so far, please ask the appliants any questions you may have by Friday and will kick off voting soon.


Voting via (LTC) or the like correct? Not a forum vote? Sorry just a little confused on that part.

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Yes, only MaidSafeCoin votes count in these