Safecoin Video Animation CEP: Hypercube

I think if we get @whiteoutmashups e-office up and going and can get other videos out of that we can get the best of both worlds? I agree that you get what you pay for. Even will’s team have used a peice of the introduction video that this guy made, in their own CEP video. Does that tell you something? Hope saying this isn’t an issue of any kind but it was reused because it is quality production.


Indeed. And thank you.


That’s awesome. Expensive but awesome but then again all agencies are expensive. We could have a similar video made for half of that price to be fair.

Also is there any marketing being planned for this video?


Litecoin (LTC) of course :slight_smile:


Lookted at the hypercube page, the promotion video for Neo, Stream and Rivetz, they all been made with very high quality. To me the price seems very high but the quality is also high-end. The videos got me excited about the projects they represent, only critcism i have is that I had to watch them twice to understand the full message, lots of words. But I gladly watched them twice. Lots of questions goes around in my head, where is Maidsafe at the moment, where will it be in 3 month, 6 month, a year? Is the timing right to spend this high price right now or when it is more mature. I hope Maidsafe marketing thinks as much about these questions as I do and give there thoughts. A high quality video could get alot of attention, if price rise went up because of that more people are excited about Maidsafe then future projects will cost less MAID to finance.


Voting is now open, please vote on this poll by Friday 19th Jan

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Hi @joeri - can you translate into other language? If so which and at what price? Thanks

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Great presentation @joeri This is the only option for professional quality. @maidsafe will only see outstanding results aligning themselves with outstanding partners. These guys have proven products and 12k maid is nowhere near expensive.


I agree with @JPL @joeri, this video is intended to increase awareness and since this will be a global network having additional languages as a stretch goal would be very beneficial.

Yes, good idea.

I work with professional translators who understand crypto. We can do Chinese, Korean and Russian versions.

All three for 1k MAID extra. Baked in subtitles. ( voiceovers in other languages are also possible, but much more expensive because the foreign voiceovers cost a lot and the timing of animations has to be adjusted )

Here’s an example.


Totally agree with the above.

This is super exciting, eager to see it.


The level of talent coming into this community is amazing. Quality and seasoned developers with great ideas will take the Safenetwork to the next level. Much needed and not a moment too soon.


The top 2 from the polling so far are both good proposals. Pity the small number of votes so far given the number of people who visit safenet forum. Perhaps there is a way to fund both proposals, one officially and the other unofficially. The way I see it, the more exposure the better.


I dont seem to have access to the poll.
Curious to follow how it’s going.

By the way someone I know from this forum said he’d be happy to send 0.5 BTC to a voting address if one would be opened

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So far hypercube is in the lead with 55% and safe-fs slightly behind with 31%

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For that money I think is a very cheap video.
I mean, btc developers literally voluntiered at the time, being eventually paid with btc at the time when maybe in NYC you could get a pizza for 25 BTC, but surely could not pay the bills.
And they build BTC, not the video of it.
Anyhow, i really think it’s a bad video, sorry don’t want to heart anyone’s feeling, but this is ‘work’ right?

Me neither - would be nice to vote. Just have to post some more i suppose.

You need Trust Level 1 to vote in polls. The poll is open until Friday, if you have time to do some more reading before then


Thanks. Will give it a try.