Safecoin Video Animation CEP: Hypercube

Hi All!

My name is Joeri. I’ve been lurking here for ages. BIG fan of MaidSafe with it’s cutting-edge tech and super cool and friendly team.
I’m the motion designer who made the first Maidsafe video

Since then, my agency ( ) has grown a lot, with 10+ designers and directors. We are now working on the second Maidsafe video, which is a high-level overview of the Safe network. It’s almost done, actually.

I have been asked to make a proposal here, and I’d be really happy to do so.

So here goes !!

We will create a high-end ~ 90-second promo video featuring Safe Coin, and specifically, go over a variety of use-cases and benefits relating to it.


Here’s how we work.

Each step is signed off before we proceed to the next.

Step 1
We write a script We limit the length of the script to 300 words ( less is even better ! ) to ensure the run time of the video does not go over 2 minutes.

Step 2
We record a voiceover. We have a couple of very talented voice actors standing by, male and female, and with different accents.

Step 3
We come up with a concept and provides style frames. Completed very shortly after the voice over.

We also need to receive all brand assets ( logo, colours, brand guideline, fonts, etc ) before we can proceed to the next step.

Step 4
We produce a first draft of the completed video, with music and all animations in place.

Step 5
We make revisions. Typically, we don’t have to change a lot because we’re already on the same page because of the style frames and the discussion of the script, as well as the examples of previous work. Expectations are already aligned. That being said, we absolutely want you to be 100% satisfied and are committed to producing a beautiful and effective video. Revisions don’t take longer than 3-4 days.

Step 6
Delivery of the video. It’s a full buyout, we don’t retain any rights and we will purchase the license of the music we use for you.

Producing this video will take ~4 weeks. Faster is possible, with a bigger budget

Known Limitations:
We can’t give more than 1 person the executive power to make decisions ( we love feedback from the community, but only one person can make final decisions - you will have to elect/appoint one! )


12.000 MAID

Stretch Goals:
With an extra 3000 MaidSafeCoins, we will produce the video in 3 weeks instead of 4
With an extra 8000 MaidSafeCoins, we will produce the video in 2 weeks instead of 4
( the above is achieved by adding additional manpower to the team that works on this production )


People involved
Joeri Pross
MaidSafe community member, founder of the premier video agency in the blockchain space

Tomer Gerbi
Hypercube Creative director

Yuval Leizerman
Hypercube Creative director

Dylan Mercer
Senior Motion Designer


Wow ppl asking so much.

This isn’t really sustainable.

$10,000 (the other guys) or $15,000 (these guys above) per video won’t get MaidSafe anywhere.

We really need to just implement my marketing proposal, for the e-Office.

1 video every single workday. 24 videos every month, for around $2k a month.

Do the math, stop all this madness please and let’s pledge a few $k and try this plan for a month what’s the worst that can happen?

It’s literally 7x cheaper than just this guy’s 1 single video alone


Hmhmm not sure if you are considering all aspects here =O

People creating cep proposals will discuss it first with others, then they will talk to people to have it voted for and after they made it they will show it to other people just because they made it and they are proud of it :thinking: (and then again people will talk about it or look for possible ways to make a cep and earn money with it…) to be honest I like how many proposals appeared here within the last days and I think it is pretty sustainable and a actually a good way to move forward =O

So… Yes its way more expensive than your proposal but inherits way more than just the effect of having videos because it initiates network effects

(ps: and one doesn’t necessarily exclude the other)

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fine, but if any of these crazy priced videos (still only a 2-3min video!) get funded, then $2k MUST be put aside to fund some small teams in my round-the-clock, e-Office proposal.


Just a note I don’t see a vote box at the top of this proposal.

I think vote boxes are only for the “ideas” and I don’t really understand that system either.

But I think you can only vote for real proposals like this with actual MaidSafeCoins, when MaidSafe opens up the vote Wallets


That’s strange. I thought I got it as all the previous proposals had vote boxes.

Maidsafe will set up wallet address for each of the proposals and the community and MS will have the opportunity to vote by sending MAID to their favourite proposal. The winning applicant is the one with the most MAID, the total of all wallets is then transferred to the winner on completion of the project. Hope this makes sense


Can this plan please be quickly reviewed, because every single transaction to vote is currently going to cost around $30.

If 200 transactions were involved in community members voting, it’d cost $6000 in fees (and use around 1 minute of the Bitcoin network’s time), which is a serious waste of money that could almost pay for a video on its own!

Multiply this for every new CEP project that goes through & it becomes clear its not a good method at this time.

I don’t want to pay $30 in addition to any MAID to vote, and I’m sure I’ll be far from the only one.

I don’t have a great solution in mind, but don’t think wasting serious money on high fees to vote make sense.


Possible options for cheaper transactions could include:

  • ZCASH addresses: around $0.001 per transaction
  • XRP addresses: around $0.03 per transaction
  • DASH addresses: around $0.05 per transaction
  • BCH addresses: around $0.30 per transaction
  • LTC addresses: around $0.30 to $0.70 per transaction

If anyone knows of other cryptos that have high liquidity, are easy to use, and have low fees, please make suggestions.


Yes that seems fair, I will try and think of an alternative and let you know asap


I don’t normally respond to “omg, that is so crazy priced” kind of comments because I have no need to defend myself. But since this is community-funded, I’ll explain.

12000 MAID sounds like a lot, but it’s not a crazy price at all. Sure, if you compare us to young, inexperienced freelancers, it is. ( I started out that way to! ) But look around the internet at other studios who do custom animations, with dedicated creative directors, designers and writers.

( here’s an example of s studio that offers similar quality as we do : )

Anywhere from 10-30k is considered average. And the most prestigious studios that promote themselves as “award-winning” can ask literally ten times that!

If you want the cheapest option, Hypercube is NOT it. We don’t try to be.We don’t work for cheap because we value our time and so do our clients. Instead, I hire the best people I can find to build a strong team, with passionate artists and can honestly say we make the best videos in this space. I dare you, find a studio that is run by people who understand this space and does better work then we do.


I believe this gentleman has done videos for Maidsafe in the past and it was very high quality. The SAFE Introduction video correct?
Which would be


If you can find examples of videos that are of sufficient quality & far cheaper, please do - if we can get 3 decent videos for the price of 1, great, but very often you get what you pay for. Quality does impact people’s perceptions.


I think if we get @whiteoutmashups e-office up and going and can get other videos out of that we can get the best of both worlds? I agree that you get what you pay for. Even will’s team have used a peice of the introduction video that this guy made, in their own CEP video. Does that tell you something? Hope saying this isn’t an issue of any kind but it was reused because it is quality production.


Indeed. And thank you.


That’s awesome. Expensive but awesome but then again all agencies are expensive. We could have a similar video made for half of that price to be fair.

Also is there any marketing being planned for this video?


Litecoin (LTC) of course :slight_smile:


Lookted at the hypercube page, the promotion video for Neo, Stream and Rivetz, they all been made with very high quality. To me the price seems very high but the quality is also high-end. The videos got me excited about the projects they represent, only critcism i have is that I had to watch them twice to understand the full message, lots of words. But I gladly watched them twice. Lots of questions goes around in my head, where is Maidsafe at the moment, where will it be in 3 month, 6 month, a year? Is the timing right to spend this high price right now or when it is more mature. I hope Maidsafe marketing thinks as much about these questions as I do and give there thoughts. A high quality video could get alot of attention, if price rise went up because of that more people are excited about Maidsafe then future projects will cost less MAID to finance.


Voting is now open, please vote on this poll by Friday 19th Jan

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Hi @joeri - can you translate into other language? If so which and at what price? Thanks

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