Safecoin: The World


I know. And that’s a great feature that’s unique to the safenetwork. So why not explain that in the video (with some estimate numbers)? You own a lambo and then you are only talking about it’s color, I just don’t understand that. You’re doing yourself down.


The choice of Maidsafe is to make very simple videos away from any technical explanation.

For my taste too simple. A little technical explanation and highlight the differences and possibilities of the network would be, in my opinion, better.

In fact I’m a bit saturated with cartoon style videos. In the end they are all similar and, in such a short time, it’s practically impossible to distinguish themselves from other completely different, and technically, inferior solutions.


thanks a million David and well done so far on the project,it’s very refreshing to have watching the progress you guys have been making .cheers.david mc Donald


Yes I totally agree. Additionally, I think it goes a bit contrary to the saying that focus is on attracting developers now.

Myself, and all developers I know, would be much more intrigued by more technical details and less fluffy cartoon and generic voice over that sounds like any other commercial out there.

SAFE Network is truly unique, IMO the videos and marketing content should try to convey that, in part also by daring to do some more unique videos for example.


It’s almost as if the humble nature of the team, which is one of the things I really like, is seeping into the message also.

I can imagine a take where focus is on bleeding edge technique, research and development, some suspense and drama - because it is dramatic! Even though for the team maybe it becomes ordinary when working all day for years with it. For people new to this, it is mind blowing stuff, for the world it is absolutely disrupting. We all know this, and I think we should proudly announce it too!

Edit: Well, I don’t actually think it is ordinary for anyone working with it, not sure what I think it would be that makes them being so low key :slight_smile: but internally anyway, it is probably more like this:


I really like videos like they are cartoony and modern, (appealing to millenials I think?) yet they go in depth into details regarding complex ideas. Kind of a win for everyone imo.


Ah, will check out when I’m not on a train.

Yeah, it’s really a matter of taste.

But when I look at the technology, the awesomeness of it all, I think more of Tesla, Space-X or other ambitious groundbreaking things, and think it would be one possible way to think about, depict and express it. It would resonate well IMO.

I mean, all the qualities and values of the team and founders need not be left out of the message, just because the high tech, novelty and frontier message is included.
It would rather make it super interesting.
This is awesome kick ass new technology that is way better than anything, created by these humble, friendly engineers who make no fuss about it. That’s a cool contrast.


Off topic: Isn’t Tesla known for not spending a single dollar on marketing? I thought I read it somewhere not long ago. If so, it puts some recent discussions into perspective…


Ah, might be so. (And another thing, Tesla has very much a status message - not only though!) But Musk has a lot of online presence, so there’s that.

I might be going a bit off topic too, but one related thing I have been thinking:

I really enjoyed Viv’s talk on DevCon, and I think doing more public material with Viv talking about the tech would be really interesting for the developer community. It seems to me that the massive role he is playing, is not reflected so much, and IMO he expresses things in a very focused, compressed yet clear and obviously extremely knowledgeable way.



He did! @ustulation spoke about very technical details in a very clear, concise, and understandable manner as well. I’m very impressed with the teams presentation skills honestly. I can understand that they have their noses down but would also love to hear them speak on behalf of Maidsafe in the future.


Hi @maidsafe , I submit a translation of “Safecoin: The World’s Currency for Security and Privacy” in Bulgarian. Can I ask you to add it to the video? :slight_smile:


@dugcampbell @SarahPentland did you see this?


1 Safe coin = 1 Lambo


Thanks, it has been published


Thanks Rob! The translation is live now


Well said digipl, the transaction scope is massive and the future is SAFE.

If you build it they will come.


This is great, it is important to have decentralization.


I would like to get some more details about this coin. Thanks!


At the moment it’s Maidsafecoin (the proxy token of SAFEcoin)

In the future when it’s activated, you’ll be able to exchange Maidsafecoin 1:1 SAFEcoin.