Safecoin: The World

What SAFEcoin will be used for and how to get it (farming).



This confusion with the “other” Safecoin is a major problem for SafeNetwork and it will only get more acute the closer to launch the project gets. IMO, it needs a resolution ASAP.


Well seeing as how their ticker name is SFE, and MAID’s (Maidsafecoin’s) ticker will eventually turn into ticker name SAFE, and SFE has one of the worst price histories I’ve ever seen… might be “safe” to say that there’s very little problem. Just a thing to keep in mind. Possibly putting any major emphasis into the matter would actually make it worse?

The fact that it does have a terrible price history makes the situation even more egregious. Will people who are just now looking into SafeNetwork, or will be shortly, be certain to make the distinction between the two coins? Better to eliminate, or at least, ameliorate, the threat if possible. Should be done behind the scenes, though. Hopefully, it is being addressed. No reason to think it isn’t.

Just a dumb question. Why emphasise Safecoin now if its not going to be released very shortly. People may get the wrong idea

Yeah you cant buy safecoins now because the development is still in process, but you can buy maidsafe tokens. your comment on youtube reads like you cant purchase any part of this project at all at this time… Poloniex would beg to differ.

I made the update that you can buy Maidsafecoin, with a link to the available exchanges.

SAFEcoin is an important part of the SAFE Network and the video gives an clear explanation about it. All we have to do is share it, translate it etc


I was looking forward a lot to the safecoin video, but I have to say I am slightly underwhelmed :frowning:
The first half of the video is redundant to so many other MaidSafe videos and the angle is not that important
in this context.

I was expecting the video to start explaining how other (blockchain based) coins have shortcomings:
-energy consumption

and then move from there to SafeCoin, which suffers from none of these issues.
That would have made much more sense IMO. What are your thoughts? Am I way off? Missing sth here?


so guys I have some maid safe coin vouchers so what’s the difference between them and actual safe coins at launch?

They are proxy tokens. At the moment you can trade them, on launch you swap then 1:1 for safecoin.

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The new SafeCoin video is a big disappointment. Its more like a “boring” SafeNetwork info video than an marketing of SafeCoin. More of the same. Waste of time and money. How is this video going to attract new trader and investors? What is the selling points of the video? The marketing effort from Maidsafe is disappointing and I will not contribute with future marketing funding, Especial if its controlled by the MaideSafe team. I am a big fan of this project but very disappointed about the professionalism regarding communication and marketing.

I was expecting some info about how many transactions per second the network could handle. Because that could be a real selling point. I guess the TPS is high, but have no idea how high. If we can beat, or get close to, Ripple or VISA then SafeCoin is on the radar.

i think it’s hard to say at this point in terms ob absolute numbers. hasn’t been tested yet.
There is a SafeCoin white paper with more details. It’s pretty obvious to me that SafeCoin will blow
anything out there out of the waters. but the video is not showing that, really. which is what frustrates me. I don’t mean for the video to come across as this big show-off piece but I often find the folks at MaidSafe too modest. I was hoping that with the new marketing effort in 2018 that would change


Safe is a pure distributed network, not only decentralised like blockchain solution, so the TPS increases proportionally to the size of the network. There is not, in practice, a defined limit and, with a sufficient number of vaults, millions or even billions of transactions could be made.

The Safe Network is designed, from the beginning, to be able to replace all the current internet, with billions of data transactions per second. And the safecoin are, simply that, data.


So in short… Tps is not really applyable to safe because there is more or less ‘no limit’ as the network grows and the load is distributed wider and wider…

Ps: but I don’t really understand the disappointment =O stating safecoin will become the world currency in certain areas isn’t exactly modest imo :thinking:

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I think the video is pretty awesome.

I like that it focuses on the reason for SafeCoin existing & its role, rather than technical comparison to blockchain based currencies.

It mentions zero fees, instant confirmation + global usage (Scalability), providing privacy & having no public ledger (anonymity), so many of the advantages of Safecoin vs blockchain are quite clear.

But perhaps a more direct ‘Why Safecoin beats blockchain’ type video would also be helpful - maybe as a short addition to make an extended version of this video that targets crypto-currency holders in a direct way that’s less subtle.

One video won’t do everything, but this seems like a brilliant place to start for anyone who wants to know what Safecoin (and the Safe network) is about.


Love the video. Ummm for once I do have to be a tiny bit negative for a sec, but don’t worry not at anyone internally or anything to do with the video :slight_smile:

Was just hunting around and it’s pretty apparent that the Komodo/Zcash fork situation with Safecoin is getting a fair bit more virtual recognition at the moment and maybe not in a good way. The confusion isn’t the best for us.

Temporary yes but just thought I’d bring it up and see whether there was much able to be done about these type of clones. Sorry if that’s been covered before somewhere (I know there was an old post a few months ago about a DASH fork using the name, maybe the same one? I tend to not look too hard at these things anymore).

I agree! and that video should come from the angle of the average crypto trader Joe.
Let me introduce you to Joe…

  • Joe isn’t interested in data security (so long until his wallets get hacked :wink: )
  • Joe doesn’t care about privacy (as long as nobody fines him for his occasional SilkRoad purchase)
  • He obsessively checks coinmarketcap every 5 minutes
  • Joe is looking out for the next big coin that “goes to the moon”

Lets admit it: the whole crypto space is driven by greed and the prospect of getting rich quick. MaidSafe
is the exception here (and I love them for it). And even then: which topic on this forum has the most views? By far the “MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic”. MaidSafe’s focus on data protection and privacy is commendable. However, people outside of Europe have less problems with these issues. And that is a lesson
that MaidSafe has already learned during the Jakarta conference last year.

There are many Joes out there and we need to appeal to them. Once they get involved they will see that
there is much much more behind SafeCoin. But initially greed is what drives hype, hype is what drives volume
and price, which in turn leads to visibility and adoption at exchanges. We have to make use of these dynamics. And let’s be honest: there is a little bit of Joe in all of us here :wink:


I know. And that’s a great feature that’s unique to the safenetwork. So why not explain that in the video (with some estimate numbers)? You own a lambo and then you are only talking about it’s color, I just don’t understand that. You’re doing yourself down.

The choice of Maidsafe is to make very simple videos away from any technical explanation.

For my taste too simple. A little technical explanation and highlight the differences and possibilities of the network would be, in my opinion, better.

In fact I’m a bit saturated with cartoon style videos. In the end they are all similar and, in such a short time, it’s practically impossible to distinguish themselves from other completely different, and technically, inferior solutions.