Safecoin t-shirt

Hi there,

I’m new to the forum, but I’ve been following the project since July 2014.

I just launched a t-shirts business last week named and I added Safecoin t-shirt today. I will eventually add Maidsafe and SAFE Network t-shirts too.


I went for a simple/basic white symbol on black and grey t-shirts. I think it’s more clean than what you can find on the web… If you have any suggestion or comment, let me know :slight_smile:


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I almost forgot, you can use this discount code for 15% OFF entire order (Before Sept. 30):


Sounds great, can I ask what made you pick that logo though?


I’d buy one with the Safenet logo and “SAFE Network” written on it… maybe stick “Better SAFE than sorry” on the back too :wink:

I like the look of the coin, but unlike BTC it is not yet a recognisable symbol and it is also not what SAFE is about really, it’s about the network, not the coin.

Which logo are you talking about? logo or Safecoin?

The coin logo …

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I understand it is more about the network, but since all other t-shirts design we have were about coin I pick this one.

But since you’d buy one, I will create it right now :slight_smile: I won’t add back print cause it will cost 10$ more…
We gonna release a update soon enabling customization of the back (adding text, generating QR code, etc.)

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Hey @Jabba & @dirvine

Here is a MaidSafe t-shirt:

And a SAFE Network t-shirt:

Hope you’ll like them :slight_smile:


I do!




T shirt has arrived.

Size and quality are spot on. Would recommend if anyone else is thinking of getting one. Not tried washing yet or anything, but out of the bag the T shirt looks great and is very comfortable. Thank you @P4kM4N


My blue one arrived from HQ this week. Thanks @victoria! My laptop webcam is now stylishly covered too. Both well worth the /rolled eyes from the wife.

I meant to say I’d prob get a black one too :slight_smile: Will see how it looks on my old mate first :wink:


@danski great to hear that and I’m glad the rolled eyes from the wife made the arrival of the items even better :laughing:


Belated thanks for mine too - though arrival of MaidSafe / SAFE swag always causes me angst. Should I wear / use them or have them framed? I have used a webcam cover, I can always get more right :wink:


Glad that you like it @Jabba :slight_smile:

For best results:
Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low or hang clothes up to dry them. Never Iron design.

For Worst results:
Wash with acid. Dry with gasoline and fire and iron with red hot steel.


We do not own an iron or tumble dryer so I think we’re good :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I will remember to cold wash. Cheers dude, it is a nice T shirt, right sizing, I will wear it with pride and in comfort :+1:

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Sweaters coming soon?


Wow, I like the second one the best.
Is there a shirt with that same design raised a little higher on the chest, and in the “SAFE” blue color?
Would definitely buy :grinning:


@jimbui, no sweaters envisaged at the moment.

Hey @oblique I fixed all Safe Network & MaidSafe t-shirts, I think you were right, the design was a little too low. I also created the color versions :slight_smile: hope you like it.

Safe Network (color):

MaidSafe (color):

Great work on the t-shirts - well done.


What about the back of the shirt?