Safecoin spending and earning how should it work and be designed?


I couldn’t find any thing about this so here is to starting the discussion.
I have been thinking about how to design the function of earning and spending safecoins. Since they are potentially the vehicle of micro payment that the world has been looking for it seems that some thought should go into thinking of how to design it. People are starting to create sites and content and hopefully we will have some kind of stable network in the near future. This raises the question of how to design the payment process when consuming and also the earning process. Anybody spent some time thinking about this?



I just invited you to an existing discussion on SAFE Coin.


Ok thank you so much


Hmmm. I was more thinking about how the user experience should be when using and earning. As a part of the safe coin implementation there should be an easy way to see in real time the inflow of safe coin and at the same same the outflow and a way to set rules and alarms based on earning and spending. There should also be a mechanism to see what the cost of a particular piece of information/site/file and so on will be…maybe also a standardized way of showing a preview of the content so you know what you are paying for. Maybe we should use some form of licensing like CC or open content so it will be easier to know.

I cannot see that type of discussion in the links…


There have been some discussions about this, probably at least a year ago. Nothing worth worrying about. No reason not to start a new topic and put forward ideas for discussion.

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Realtime info could be in the SAFE browser. Top right or something, just a little counter that shows your current available Safecoin.

Reading files is FREE. So any indication would be 0.0000000 SAFEcoin.

If an APP wishes to charge for giving files/information (somehow) then its up to the APP and I am sure the method of showing costs will be similar to the clearnet and will evolve.

There has been some basic discussions on this but nothing like whats needed. So yes we need to discuss this.

As a bit of background, it has been suggested that the display could come from a wallet APP. I expect that there will be many wallet APPs. Now the way the APP knows that coin has been received is by the system message that is sent to your payment ID when the network assigns that ID to a coin.

For buying resource you (your wallet APP) has to send a coin to the network (spend) which is destroyed. Currently the concept is that that coin will purchase a “PUT Balance” which is decremented by the current PUT cost each time you do a PUT. In order to track this the core software will have to have an api to retrieve this info. And then the browser or wallet APP can display/track this.

For earning this (from farming) this would be via api calls (to be implemented but promised) and displayed separately to the safe browser/apps. Of course the wallet APP could indicate that the payment ID address has “received” a coin each time farming earnt a coin.

@bochaco created a wallet mock up. I don’t know what sort of displays he included.

I would expect that the displaying of spending and receiving/earning will be by the wallet APP since any account can have multiple payment IDs and if one wants it in the browser then a Addon can help.