Safecoin (SAFE) and Maidsafecoins (MAID)?


Sorry if a bit OT but have been thinking that in theory if the network materialises and proves popular other coins would appear that would function or compete as a digital currency on Safe (I assume traditional ones like BTC wouldn’t work without being relayed through www?)

Definitely a bit misleading having other safe coins around now though… Even if nobody actually confused the two when buying it still diminishes the ‘brand’ a bit. Could be an idea to think of something new/ distinct when real coin/ live


Agree; I had that same thought. Just call it MSafe Coin or something, apply for a US trademark and world trademark at the same time, and defend the brand mire vigorously.


Bitcoin has a thousand copies and is not a problem… It will not be a problem for Safecoin too :slight_smile:

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