Safecoin (SAFE) and Maidsafecoins (MAID)?

Are Safecoins (SAFE) what we were holding our Maidsafecoins (MAID) for?
What is the relationship between them? What will happen to MAID?
If so how do we trade in our MAID for SAFE?

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Safecoin doesn’t exist yet and will only exist in SAFE Network, so they can’t come before that. So beware anything calling itself Safecoin (SAFE) - it is nothing to do with SAFE Network.

When Safecoin do exist, you will be able to trade MaidSafeCoin (MAID) for them one for one, but that is a while away yet.


Hello @spheiros , Maidsafecoins are a temporary token, based on the Omni blockchain. It can be purchased and exchanged right now on various exchanges.
Safecoin will be the currency used inside the Safe network, as a way to purchase or sell data storage space , but also to reward farmers ( people who store data for the network on machines they own ) , and also possibly to reward people producing content for the network.
Right now Safecoin is not yet implemented.
At some point Safecoin will be implemented and released to the public. Then you should be able to swap your MAIDsafecoins into SAFEcoins.


There are several currencies with this name in CoinMarketCap they are NOT the real SafeCoin of the SAFE Network…


Then you should warn everybody interested in the SAFE Network about this

You can’t stop scamming. Anyway the 36 mill maximum supply should have raised a hint of suspicion

How, and why me?



You are part of the community here so I assume it is of your interest for there not to be confusions about the SAFE Network. How can we get people that are part of the MAIDSAFE team to issue a warning?

I didn’t find this warning although searching for it and reading multiple threads that seemed they might be about SAFE. I saw one one warning about the risk but none mentioning SAFE nor sharing the links to it.

Few questions.

Where did you look for information, twitter, reddit, youtube and so on?

Where would you like Maidsafe to warn you, twitter, youtube…, do you think you would have found it if there was a warning?

Maidsafe is creating a new decentralized internet, that Safecoin project has made a copy of komodo’s decentralized exchange. Did you visit the Maidsafe web page or the Safecoin website to look for information about the two different projects and what they are doing?


Maidsafe should warn people about SAFE everywhere, especially when using the term Safecoin such as in the video shared in the youtube channel. Yes I explored both websites to see if they mentioned each other and didn’t find any mention on one or the other.

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Sorry, I looked for the information here in this forum and on the website. I thought that would be the most appropriate places to look for it.

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It is indeed in all our interests. You seemed to be saying it is my responsibility, why not yours? I’m busy doing lots of stuff to benefit the network, I can’t do everything :wink:

You did your due diligence by asking. Well done!


It is not your responsibility, I don’t think you should take it too personal. It would be good if we can drop the responsibility issue and rather focus on if there are some room for improvements. Please focus on the actual issue and solutions. :slight_smile: I have been looking at and think there are some room for improvements, will comeback later and give some suggestions.


By all means do that.


I have a couple of suggestions. @JimCollinson, @DGeddes, @dugcampbell, @nicklambert

That some people gets confused by the other project who uses the Safecoin name is to me a serious problem. I suggest creating a highlighted text on top of the sites, similar to the shown examples.

Further I suggest that it more clearly is described under the Safecoin tab in, that maidsafecoin is proxy-token, that safecoin is not created yet and once it is created it will be swapped 1:1 for maidsafecoin. Right now the information is earliest seen if looking at “How to buy Maidsafecoin”, I believe that this important information should be shown as early as possible, maybe a highlighted text on top of the “Safecoin” information page or similar would be good. When reading about Safecoin it kind of gives you a feeling that it is already existing.

Also it would be good if the Maidsafe youtube Safecoin video shows similar information in the description and if a topic can be pinned on this forum and also other social media platforms where it is possible.
Would it be possible to edit the video so a warning text shows when the Safecoin video starts.

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I think you have a good point with the Maidsafe youtube Safecoin video, I belive that the other project who uses the Safecoin name was started close to the creation/release of that video, there of the problem.

If you look at the website for the SAFE-network, under “how to buy Safecoin” then it gives you information that you only can buy Maidsafecoin right now and that Safecoin will be created in the future.

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While distinguishing other Safecoins from the real one seems trivial to me after minimal due diligence, I wondered if Maidsafe shouldn’t be trademarking and protecting the Safecoin name to avoid such confusions?

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Well there is a slight problem due to that the other project managed to get US trademark while Maidsafe has pending World wide trademark.

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Sorry if a bit OT but have been thinking that in theory if the network materialises and proves popular other coins would appear that would function or compete as a digital currency on Safe (I assume traditional ones like BTC wouldn’t work without being relayed through www?)

Definitely a bit misleading having other safe coins around now though… Even if nobody actually confused the two when buying it still diminishes the ‘brand’ a bit. Could be an idea to think of something new/ distinct when real coin/ live