Safecoin price projection

Yes, just because safenetwork is amazing does not mean it can go to the moon before it has even launched. People be crazy jumping on pumps instead of doing due diligence, picking horses well ahead of time, and finding the best buying and selling opportunities for those investments.

Buy fear, sell optimism, so they say…

But aren’t the banks going to run their own private versions (highly modified) of ethereum? From what I understand, they will be closed systems. But, yes, you are right. I’d be surprised if any bank used SafeNet.

For this to work, wouldn’t they need to have the whole project on SAFE…as I understand it, SAFE cannot be used as a programmatic data store from the outside. Unless your talking about SAFE as analogous to a secondary storage mechanism for less accessed data?

Your correct.

R3 brings eleven major global financial institutions together on a cloud based distributed ledger

R3 and consortium member banks Barclays, BMO Financial Group, Credit Suisse, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, HSBC, Natixis, Royal Bank of Scotland, TD Bank, UBS, UniCredit and Wells Fargo each connected on an R3-managed private peer-to-peer distributed ledger, underpinned by Ethereum technology and hosted on a virtual private network in Microsoft Azure, the public cloud platform offering Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) in an accelerated development environment.


I guess were priming for the ‘slingshot move’. What assets are actually going to move is unclear to me. Since this is all cycles and assuming SAFEcoin is implemented in a timely manner, maybe we get the ride also.

The markets are preparing for a slingshot move that will make most people’s nose bleeds

So in the end, we will set the stage for all this craziness moving to extremes. Then ask yourself this question? Are you willing to hand your money to government and ask them to hold it for you? If we are concerned about banks, and we are concerned about government, then there is not much life but to move to the private sector. So when rates go negative, a 1% yield in a blue-chip stock looks like heaven. That is the shift on the horizon from public to private. We have to get the weak-minded running into the arms of government before the markets will slaughter them for their stupidity.

The documentary “The Forecaster” about Martin Armstrong and his cycle theories is available via torrent now…I found a good copy via the BitLord client (very nice indeed)

The takeaway for me is when he explains that no government in history has borrowed with the intention of paying anything back. We are now at the end…whereby governments promises via the social contract cannot be honored i.e the end of Marxism/ Socialism…it all blows up for government in 2017.


Hopefully any outside app would be able read and write data out of and into the network.

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What is the expert opinion of the future growth in the value of Safecoin?

Assuming that the SAFE network is a great success, will Safecoin go “to the Moon” or only increase by some modest multiple?

In one of the Montreal videos there is a graph of the value increasing asymptotically - approaching an upper limit.

You can expect a 5-10x growth overnight when it has proven itself to actually work, how it will evolve is anyone’s guess.


(probably the mods will merge these topics anyway - but i thought i’d link you to it in advance - there is the tea leave reading thread :smiley: )


I’ll try to be realistic here, being very methodical, visually/mentally, in how things will actually play out (in where people generally anchor themselves like satoshi level, market cap, updates, news, etc.), not thinking it’ll go too too high. (Though who knows, because a solid 3k satoshis floor to an extremely solid 21k satoshis floor over just a testnet is pretty absurd, albeit an incredible achievement over 10 years.)

Any major news sees a big-to-very-big increase; it’s the norm for people’s opinion about this coin, ever since the start. When vaults (MVP) are out, it should go above 30k satoshis. I’m not sure how high after that. I’m not sure how soon messaging will follow.

But once messaging comes out, Safecoin is “soon to follow”—though I could see this still taking some weeks? I could see it sitting at above $100 million market cap for awhile when messaging is released, and as people play around with all the new features. (There will be lots of positive tension while people expect Safecoin to come out “very soon” after Messaging.)

[Hopefully it could be at said above $100 million market cap by then. But maybe, going back to being realistic again: the breakthrough point will be that it sits under $100 million market cap, and once Safecoin is out, it shoots above $100 million, and beyond?]

As more and more strength/reliability occurs within the system, it should go up from there, hopefully reaching newer and newer heights, in the hundreds of millions for its market cap. Especially when Safecoin is finally out, and there are minimal bugs, and people feel confident that they can continue to grow the system without faults/errors/technical fatigue.

Then there’s Safe Exchange, which might even be a more huge revolution in the eyes of “price traders” which obviously have an insane leverage for what carries all of this, really (though probably equal to the technical prowess/capabilities of the coders themselves). So keep an eye out for the synergy between Safecoin AND SafeExchangeCoin.


MAID market cap will reach ETH market cap so around 1B but you’ll have to hold your coin until some app launch

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Yes, but isn’t the algorithmic idea to have the expansion of farming act as a downward pressure, so the price soon reaches an equilibrium?

I suppose there could be wild oscillations before equilibrium takes hold, and close observation of market psychology would create speculative opportunities.

fergish said it best:

The Price of Safecoin & The Economics Behind It

This is really true, I think. The other end of it is to consider the attributes of safecoin as a currency. As confidence grows in the solidity of the network-- and thus the veracity of safecoin–the anonymity, transaction velocity, etc., of safecoin will certainly cause it to increase in value, perhaps fantastically, due to speculation as well as supply and demand. This will only drive farmer participation and thus expansion of network resources and stability, builder participation, etc. Th…

I expect this to happen. All positive.


The key to the price projection depends on the decision to make Safecoin divisible or not (or some sort of additional mechanism within SAFE that allows this).

If the minimum denomination you can use is 1 coin, then the price will always be severely depressed.
No one is going to want their minimum spend amount to be $5 or $20 or $50, etc.

It sounds like the devs and @dirvine are keen on divisibility though so I am not too worried at all.
Let the free market send the price wherever they see fit (which in my mind, once people get their heads around what is being done here, will be up!)


hmmmm - even if it won’t be divisible … have you ever been to zimbabwe? Oo … they don’t have their own currency since … some years … don’t know how how long

they use US Dollars instead (that is really what comes out of the cash machine…) with the smallest amount you can spend 1USD - as smaller units they mix up the coins of their 3 neighbour-states … or you can just get a lolly as change if you want that …

Of course that is not the ideal solution Oo but i wouldn’t say non-divisibility would necessarily prevent the value from rising above 1 USD …

ps: info … ~3 years old … i don’t know how it is right now … i just assumed not too much changed since …

agreed, safecoin divisibility will be useful when 0.01 safecoin is 1 cent :wink:


@audity, I beg to differ, 0.01 safecoin is 1 pence :wink:


You mean 1 penny.

5 pence, and so on


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People call it 1 pence in Scotland …it buys nothing :relaxed:

** But sometimes used as a projectile at football matches , so not entirely useless, i guess **



haha just realized 1 pence is actually a penny, same terms for pounds or dollars the 0.01 haha :smiley:

whether British or 'mercan

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