Safecoin price projection

Hi, I just want to start a topic about safecoin price projection

As you probably know, safe network is probably going to launch within the few next month.
I believe that the price of safe coin is underestimated right now.

Here’s why…

Market cap reach 30M $ January 5th. I think investors have lost confidence in the project because of the late start … but it demonstrated interest for the project that is sure will come back at launch. with this explanation we can believe the price is three times less than what it will be at launch.

Moreover, as in the launch of all the crypto-currency we note a very important pump. It is possible to believe that the price will be higher in its forecasts

I think the price will raise 300% to 1200%

so hold to your damn SafeCoin and buy more up before launch it


lol wuuut is this ??

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Welcome to the forum :+1:

We allow price speculation on this forum (In certain topics about Safecoin). We have a topic for that right here as well:

The Price of Safecoin & The Economics Behind It

I just want to reply to your post that like every cryptoproject and/or cryptocoin the price could go down as well. The network could balance out at 0.0003 cent per Safecoin. Nobody knows. You have created a “to the moon post”. Again, we allow that. But it’s just one possible outcome.


I predict the price will be roughly equivalent to the cost of storage over the longer term, 1TB of storage on the Safe network will be worth slightly more than a 1TB hard drive. With a speculative bubble over the next few years.

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[quote=“sam_uk, post:4, topic:6924”]
I predict the price will be roughly equivalent to the cost of storage over the longer term, 1TB of storage on the Safe network will be worth slightly more than a 1TB hard drive.
[/quote]Could be, but I think that its utility goes far beyond the value of storage. It seems to me that this will be the floor. When the platform allows for supercomputing that will certainly add to the value. If it works as proposed then the applications built on the network bring yet another layer of value. The ease and privacy of utilizing its built in currency for all manner of trade adds still another layer of value. So in the end there is no telling what its true value will be. Once it is running smoothly it will be no surprise that it holds largest market cap of all cryptocurrencies.


you have a great point @insidetrader11 the orderbook looks like that’s where it will go. I’m sure a survey of coin holders would also agree they’re not going to sell until higher prices.


Absolutely. I’m heavily invested and there is no way I’d touch any of them as maid coins and I certainly don’t intend to be selling any safecoins in 2016… 2017, maybe, I guess we’ll see.

I agree with optictopic though, its value will go far beyond storage ‘floor’ imo. Take the $5 Silver Maple Coin. Silver can go from $5 to $50+ oz depending on how badly people want it, just because it has a floor of value does not prohibit it from rising far above that, or even sinking slightly beneath it.


I think it’s also worth noting that fiat currency which is tied to the petrodollar is failing. So not only is the price of maid/safecoin going up and down, as is that of bitcoin, but also the value of fiat is fluctuating as well, most notably it’s falling. Also other currencies involved in the BRICS nations will probably rise. Investment requires disposable interest to invest. Disposable income is influenced by the value of a nations currency. If one’s nation’s currency is falling one has less disposable income to invest. If one’s national currency is rising one has more to invest. Not only factor but it’s one to consider.


Ethereum is up very high. If SAFE goes up to where Ethereum is, I would have close to 100k USD. Eth uses blockchain technology, though, which has historically been the cause for a lot of hype. Hence the heavy price increase for Ethereum seems to be founded.

Furthermore, there are a hell of a lot of people holding MAID now, or at least historically there have been really heavy sellers. On top of this—while speculators can indeed copycat a heavy rise of a coin with similar worth to what they’ve already been familiarized with (Eth)—it could also stop short. Reasons for this could be many.

If that doesn’t happen, though, hopefully it would be because MAID has a hell of a lot more to offer than ETH. (I actually know only 1% about what ETH even is. I can’t seem to find substantial information about it that will really grab me into it. Though supposedly it can work together with MAID, which makes me wonder if I should really find out good things about it.) It would have to have even more volume than what ETH brought, too, again going back to the familiarity issue: how many people will be comfortable buying a currency that doesn’t use blockchain technology? Perhaps this could cue in the fact that the SAFE Network’s content has the potential to wow a lot, lot of people. Would this cause for a steady rise? Will the Bitcoin hype train continue with any technology? Was Eth’s rise to do with how people are really into the idea of decentralization of storage/Internet, and was this inspired by SAFE? This could mean that people will buy SAFE more than even Eth, if it does achieve everything that online money is supposed to.

Ethereum has a marketcap of 191 miljn. MAID is at 9 miljn. So we would roughly see a 21 X price increase bringing MAID to 41 cents if the both would have they same marketcap. Ethereum during the crowdsale was like 33 cents per ETH. So they’ve increased to 2,49. That’s about 650% price increase. I’ll think I’ll join your party if we ever get there ;-).


Gosh a lot imo… at least once safecoin has been out and proved itself for a few weeks/months I should imagine people will love it. IOTA is also chainless and there’s a lot of buzz around that too atm. Blockchains have lots of disadvantages… SAFEcoin as I understand it will require zero confirms, have no fee, will always be private and secure, and doesn’t waste energy or resources on proof-of-work etc… I’m not very technical, but as far as I know the chainless solution safenetwork uses is superior to the blockchain in many ways :).

I think a market cap of between $30M to $80M is quite reasonable and modest for 2016, so up to 10x if things go pretty well. If we hit the $200M market cap kind of level I would certainly be quids in in a big way, but more to the point if it gets that high that suggests it is starting to get real traction and really might change the world in a much more significant way than alleviating future money worries for us early investors/adopters. This really is game changing stuff. Eth is great and certainly going to have some impact, but I think maid addresses deeper issues more effectively; it doesn’t just decentralise, it actively empowers its users in a profound way.


Was btc not USD$600-700 when eth crowdsale? Skews the current valuation. Still a nice party :smile:

2000 eth for 1 btc, at that time btw was worth around 300$ ans I sell my etc for around 2$ each… Do the math :slightly_smiling: :slightly_smiling:


Near term prediction here. Within two weeks the price will nearly double what it is now. So above .0001 btc. Then I think it will bounce around a bit, establishing its new support level


$2 U.S. Dollars a coin within 6 months, due to a killer app attracting a lot of attention


I have seen a number of posts suggesting that the price will somehow be determined by the cost of storage, hard drives, cloud services etc. I don t see how the abundance of alternative uses the coin will have within the network is so blatantly overlooked. Use cases that add value far beyond simply paying to store data on the network will contribute significantly to the value. If Safe Coin is the currency of the network the ultimate use for it is infinite. With limited coins available despite recycling the current price could only be considered a joke.


I couldn’t agree more… 2 cents at this stage lol, It’s the best joke I’ve heard in years and it leaves a big smile on my face whenever i think about it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Thank god for all the delays and barriers to people really getting to grips with what SAFEcoin/network is about and what it really might be worth (financially and socially). I didn’t discover it until a few months ago and I feel very lucky to have been able to get in at around the IPO so close to launch.

The buzz is starting again though… Poloniex troll-chat is full of fanboyz now and discussion is even more Maid focused than Eth since Ross’ latest update. I expect these prices are just about to become a distant and fond memory and we’ll be laughing and celebrating the opportunity we had for many many years. I hope so anyway.

Be SAFE! :triumph:


Ok, you’ve convinced me.
So where does one in Toronto Canada go to buy MaidSafeCoin?
I’m assuming that SAFEcoin and MaidSafeCoin are the same thing that we are talking about.
I would prefer not to use an exchange because of the major hassle and paperwork to become their customer. Is there a meetup group in Toronto? ; not that I have found so far. I would prefer a face to face purchase.


For most , the only time consuming step is to buy BTC ; then , the most hasslefree manner is to buy MAIDs through Poloniex , the registration process takes only a minute , and the service has always taken excellent care of our Maidsafe project token . I can not think of an easier way to purchase and manage … , right now .

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You can use, no registration needed :slight_smile: the only meetup in Canada is in Montreal right now.