Safecoin outside SAFE network

Will SafeCoin be able to be transacted out of the SAFE network. Would be nice if it had forward and backward capability with Maidsafe coin. As I understand it now, once Maidsafe coins are traded on the network for Safecoins the Maidsafe coins are destroyed.

Yes there will be a time window for exchanging MAID for SAFE 1:1 and SAFEcoins only ever exist within the SAFEnetwork. There will be exchanges built on the SAFEnetwork that will allow for trading fiat and alts with SAFEcoin.

People are starting to realize that buying MAID now is a lot easier than trying to farm SAFEcoin later as SAFEcoins will be in strong hands due to the utility of the coin.

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Sorry for raising this topic from the dead but won’t this devalue safe coin if it cannot be used outside?

And how will exchanges deal with the trade between safe and MAID or will it all be handled on safe therefore users will have to import their maid from external exchanges into safe net?

Safecoin can be used by any outside website as long as the outside website connects to the safenetwork using the apis.

Poloniex indicated they would exchange the MAID for safecoin for those with MAID on the exchange. As @hamiltino says to use MAID you only need to have a wallet APP running (for an exchange) or an APP that uses the SAFE apis (web site, etc).

It would be the same for ETH since they use different blockchain and addresses.

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