Safecoin on coinbase

question mostly to @nicklambert , any chance youre in talks with coinbase or will be when the network starts ? seems quite natural to look for this kind of deal/move by maidsafe. or am i misstaking?

We’re not in talks with them at the moment @anon94252342, but as Safecoin gets closer we will need to give thought to our listing strategy. A combination of both centralised and decentralised exchanges would seem to provide holders with the most options.


I believe that if there is any big crypto marketing tool out there that reaches global croud then its coinbase. Was thinking that maidsafe with its safecoin will have enough arguments for them to consider listing it , but surely effort from the maidsafe board is also needed . But not sure how you at maidsafe consider coinbase as a goal for safecoin to be listed at.

They still have only 4 coins and going to add ETC. Whit this strategy that will be nearly impossible to get there.

Coinbase is looking to expand the range of coins they list.

That being said, should a listing occur, I think there’s a much stronger chance that Safecoin would be listed rather than MAID.


I have doubts coinbase will list safe when launched. Their KYC and close ties to the banking sector require them to know where money is moving from and to - just as the banking sector does. Right now, their coins are all blockchain non-anonymous coins. It they don’t already know a receiver, with decent analysis and the lack of care most people take with their coins, they can track most transactions. This just won’t be the case with safe.

Don’t get me wrong, I would absolutely love it to be listed on coinbase. I personally use and like coinbase. I just see it as a hard sell.


I concur, I think as SafeCoin takes major adoption big players like CoinBase will have to take notice though. I expect an outright no until SAFE is a top 5 coin by market-cap in the near few years though.

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Neat post on Reddit on this Coinbase listing topic

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