SafeCoin is the 5th largest digital currency... and it isn't even live yet!

Just something that has been true for a while and I wanted to point out / discuss.


Dude this is The Twilight Zone, I made these to maintain a little bit of sanity :stuck_out_tongue:

The real crazy thing about this money, is that you should not look at the fiat price, that says nothing…

The resources you’ll be able to get out of SAFEcoin, will do all the talking. It sounds logic, because that should be the basic attributes of sound money. :stuck_out_tongue:


Safe is one of those things that takes a bit of time and effort to understand. I spent months thinking it was just a decentralised dropbox until I started reading this forum and had my eyes opened by the discussions I found.

If you do take the time then it seems fairly inevitable that you’ll fall in love with safenet and see the vision we all share and get so excited about.

I don’t think it will take long for SAFE to get to #1 after alpha has launched because then everyone will be able to see just how amazing it is and the risk that comes with this kind of extreme innovation will start to evaporate as soon as safcoin goes live. It’s only risk and ignorance holding maid back atm imo! That 5th place and $50M cap is testament to how many people have taken the time and seen the light ;).

If alpha goes live this summer then I’d give it 6 months for SAFE to overtake Eth, maybe less. BTC won’t be far behind either. There’s just too many reasons for safe to succeed if it does what it says on the tin.

/Optimist & proud of it



Maidsafecoin is undervalued IMO.

Even just a decentralized dropbox as mentioned above is a huge deal. This alone is a market worth 10s/100s of billions.

OK, we are still in the test phase, but if the devs continue to deliver, 50m is tiny. I suspect maidsafecoins are still very much a bargain, despite recent price rises.