Safecoin Implementation Poll

What year do you think Safecoin will be implemented into the network?

  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 2020
  • Other

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Is that SAFEcoin onto a live network?

Or testSAFEcoin?

My choice would be “other” as in it will happen when its good and ready.

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I mean live network.

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That’s my choice to, but when do you think it will be good and ready?


Without knowing when a live network is going to exist, it really is a guessing game.

My gut says that with all the testing needed before going live the network will not be live this year.[quote=“betterthantrav, post:4, topic:12676”]
That’s my choice to,

I noticed you have not voted yet in your own poll :wink:

That’s the whole point. There is no way to know, but it something fun to do to pass the time.


Valve Time (20char)

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Wow, everyone thinks 2018?

Disjoint groups is already finished,

What other big roadblocks is everyone trying to factor in with your 2018 guesses?

It sounds like we’re getting real close already now


my vote was 2017 but changed when I read…

Test Safecoin on Beta 2017!


same here.

as neo says, testsafecoin and everything around it will need a lot of testing.

testsafecoin is enough though, it is as close to a live network as we can get pre launch and everyone can see all the features at that point. I’m fine with that phase lasting a fair few months tbh. I’m happy to see the majority agrees that testsafecoin will probably happen this year.


Data chains (data republish) and node ageing could be big challenges to implement.

I imagine that some serious testing of the whole shebang including test Safecoin will be needed before there’s confidence to transfer tens of millions of dollars worth of MaidSafeCoin onto it… failure can’t really be an option, which means lots of testing. Not sure if 9 months from now will be enough.

However, I hope test 12C / 13 is highly stable, and everything moves faster than I expect :smiley:


Who said that? . . .

Me :joy:
It was an afterthought… should have an edit: or my prediction preceeding it I guess!
I corrected the order to avoid confusion :wink:

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