Safecoin Farming Sustainability

Hypothicaly if it cost one safecoin to put one picture of a funny cat onto the network, then how much safecoin will a farmer earn each time that picture of a funny cat receives a get request?

The only way that I can see this working is if the first get request pays less than the put request and all subsequent get requests pay less than the previous get request. Otherwise there would not be enough safecoin in the system to suport all future requests.


put cost = 1 safecoin
1st get payment = 1/2 safecoin
2nd get payment = 1/4 safecoin
3rd get payment = 1/8 safecoin
4th get payment = 1/16 safecoin
This will continue to infinity.

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This will reduce in line with usage of the network, the more data the less per chunk. If yer cat was popular over time (important) then it earns farmers over time. If like most files its popular for a few minutes then less so. Data not accessed for a period will archive (be cheaper to look after).

If you paid to put 1Mb then its very unlikely a farmer will ever get paid close to that for storing it (or having it accessed), that is if resource costs are decreasing (and they are). That’s OK though as it is how life works really. Information is king but not all info has the same value to everyone (you may like your cat and others don’t). This is how it should be, so if you publish a seminal paper or phenomenal song the network farmers will earn over time (not short term popularity). The question becomes is info valuable and some is and some less so and rewarded less (and archived).


So the more popular a file is the more farmers the network will assign to manage that file?

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No , the more it will cache and longer it will live in the general population.

Not so much :smiley: this bag of molecules seems destined to deliver this and then who knows, but first this. I am happy that as researchers see what we have done it seems to add knowledge to the field (very under researched field) so all very much worth it.


Does that mean more popular means more opportunity to earn safecoin for farmers. Does that mean that the less popular files pay less safecoin and help pay for more popular files?

I apologize for my ignorance but I just don’t get how the network can afford to pay for all the get request on a single popular file?

Yes it all amortises out across the range (I hate statistics and probability, but this is exactly how many things seem to happen). The popularity of a file/chunk will increase Gets for that chunk, but the overall list of chunks you hold split into popular (so likely cached and not earning you much), long term valuable to few (good) and accessed very little if at all. If somebody went through all that and tried to calculate which chunks to hold the network de-ranks them not holding other chunks (given at random) so again the cheater would lose. Its hard to beat probability or chaos design like this.

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It doesn’t all get requests across all files form a blind lottery, you do not get paid every Get (this is the network agreed farming rate). So the network may decide it’s every 1 million Gets and mod arithmetic is done on a bunch of variables surrounding the get i.e. HASH(message_id + client addr + close group to vault) and this is confirmed at a few groups en route to see if the safecoin is there to be farmed.

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Thank you for the clarification this helps out a lot.

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Haha I’ve been meaning to ask him and @Fraser this question.

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