Safecoin Divisibility Topic

This topic is for the discussion of Safecoin divisibilty.


I thought this would be a good topic to revisit, considering the rise of the fiat exchange rate for MSC.

Whats this MSC you keep posting about? I thought this was a MAID forum.

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I think it’s MicroSoftCoin… not sure.


I assume msc is maidsafecoin?


Im not a dev, nor have i done the math, also i may be wrong how it works. but assuming the address space would be composed completely of farmable coins 1 full coin = 1 private key, where a farm rate allows you to claim the private key to control a safecoin for yourself.
what about going to the next higher power for the address space. so when you do a farm attempt you claim a number of private keys in the space that represent a fraction of a safecoin totaling a full coin. end goal, the new address space’s coins just push the decimal.

(cons - possible bloat, extra validation time needed?)

sorry i can’t convey this better. if anyone understands it maybe they can toss up some numbers.

(random numbers to illustrate point) 40^5 = 102,400,000units while 40^6 = 4,096,000,000atomic units
if 40^5 was coins then the address space would have 40 seperate private keys or atomic units or whatever per full coin consisting of .025 of what youd like to call a whole coin each.

MSC was previously used for mastercoin, which is now omni. MAID is used for maidsafecoin and once safecoin launches I guess it will use SAFE.

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The downside is more data for the network to update when a large transaction is made. It also only pushes the problem out into the future.

Personally, I think neither of these are show strippers and could resolve the problem for some a long time. When divisible coins become needed, then thwre could be a fresh look at the problem.

If the devs already have great solution for dividing coins, that may be preferable though.

Edit: To add, small farming rewards are key to decentralisation too. So, it isn’t just about spending small amounts, it is about farming for them too. This is perhaps equally as important for network health.