SafeCoin divisibility by ranges

Hello, I have been following SAFE for some time.

I’ve been thinking about SAFECOIN(SC) and problem of divisibility.
Since there is limited number of coins, which can be held indefinitely, and are spent/created by storing or hosting data, there may be a problem with valuation of the coin.

Dividing SC into some amount of PARTCOINS(PC) eg: 1 million , and storing these partcoins, would probably be infeasible on the network.

My idea is to store ranges. Instead of identifying each SC or each PC, minimal stored
amount is a range of partcoins. I don’t know how checking for unique ownership is performed, but maybe it would be possible to check for overlap of ranges to prevent double spending.

This would solve issue of divisibility, but would introduce fragmentation. To solve fragmentation problem, it would probably be necessary to to perform implicit exchanges of partcoin ranges to consolidate these ranges.

Would something like this be feasible ?

Why not just a balance of “part coin” in each wallet maintained by the network. Really that is all ranges boil down to in the end, except you don’t have to have MDs to store them. If you read there have been a number of suggestions

Been solved by using the balances.