Safecoin distribution pegged to year or no. of nodes?

The following table is a projection of coin distribution taken from the whitepaper

My question is, are the ‘coins distributed’ related to the year (i.e there only ever be 20% released by year 2, 70% by year 3 etc,), or is it instead tied to the number of nodes (i.e. if there are 500,000 nodes all coins will be distributed regardless of the year)?

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No. The distribution rate is linked to the amount of data retrieved from network nodes…i.e… how much the network is used. I would take the data on the table with a decent pinch of salt, while I believe the calculations are accurate, the number of variables involved make it very difficult/impossible to predict.


Does this apply to both farmers and builders?

The table above represents total coin distribution so does apply to both builders (10% of this total) and farmers (around 80%). Please note that the above table makes a number of assumptions making the actual coin distribution very difficult to predict with any accuracy.

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