Bitcoin and the Safe network could be the solution for media sites who’ve witnessed revenue falling due to the rise of ad-blocking software, according to one industry expert.

Digital publishers lost an estimated $22 billion in revenue in 2015 due to ad-blocking technology with around 198 million global users using the software, according to PageFair, which provides solutions to counter ad blocking.


Dare I mention PtP?

Yup! :slight_smile:


Do we really want to clue the news media in to alternative sources of revenue though?? lol!

I guess it would be okay…if the quality of your content determines your revenue it will be VERY interesting to see who makes it!!!


ı thınk so too excıtıng solutıons ahead


That’s a good reminder - SAFE needs an ad platform.

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I hope that is sarcasm @janitor !! :slight_smile:

I think one of the great things is that SAFE will be able to reward site and content providers without having to use an ad based model…plus the most valuable ad info that is mined by the likes of Google, Facebook, et. al. will not be nearly as easily available on SAFE.

I would love to have a nice clean, low ad network that pays people based on quality of their content and not crazy click bait headlines and spammy pop ups…

I guess an ad platform would not be all bad though…I would love to see it be opt in instead of opt out though!

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Hehe it’s half sarcasm. People several times mentioned a search engine but no one has spoke about the need for ads.
Of course most of us detest them, but seriously I completely forgot about it and it’s a large unserved market.
Someone will launch ads soon - no matter how lame it is, it’s guaranteed to make some ROI.

Actually I would say HappyBeing’s Web Ring (the banner thing) is the first SAFE ad platform.


hmmm…good call! never thought of it like that!

there will always be $$$ in driving traffic, just hope SAFE gets it right!

A nice slick opt in platform for crap I actually want would be alright with me…wonder if you could split payouts for traffic driven to a site.

content producers get a cut and link clicker gets a small cut too.

pay to play!!! lol!!!

Isn’t @Warren our resident ad / sponsorship enthusiast?


Thanks for the article! This reinforces many of the trends I have been watching for a few years now. Adblockers, habitual and automatic cookie deletion, diminishing returns, inconsistent customer profiles because of gaps or incorrect data etc.

I think writing off ads on the safe network is silly. They will be around and you can’t stop it entering in the network in various forms. There will no doubt be solutions to limit ads sneaking into your visual periphery and stealing some of the valuable cognitive resources devoted to attention and decision making. I think relevant ads that are context driven and opt in have a place. Give users the control and power in the relationship.

There were various debates on this in the Synereo thread and some valid points made from the members of the Synereo team. It depends on what you consider an advertisement really.

Micropayments for media and content consumption were not really feasible in the past and there was not much incentive for companies in the space to move towards a different monetization model. Whereas now it seems like the most likely solution to monetize content.


One of the benefits of Pay-the-developer is that a lot more APPs will be able to survive without the need of Advert revenue.


The network doesn’t run for free, so money (or Safecoin) must be earned to bring revenue for every gear that needs to be oiled.
If ad money comes in, it won’t be earned only by this or that group, it will filter down to all (mostly to publishers, or whatever you want to call them).

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Unfortunately, not all advert money will be via SAFEcoin but fiat. The network gets coin for the uploads of the adverts, but the rest of the money made may or may not be in SAFEcoin, but certainly a lot will be in normal currency. The question is how much will be SAFEcoin paid and how much in $$$ and then how much of the $$$ earned will convert into SAFEcoin or just be spent to buy food or whatever? I have no idea, do you?

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ı thınk safecoın ıs the reserve currency of the network so fıat wıll stıll pass through safecoın for network servıces


Actually I would say HappyBeing’s Web Ring (the banner thing) is the first SAFE ad platform.

Hey, thanks for the free advertising! :slight_smile:

What can happen is advert company pays the APP dev 0.001 per view. That is tallied up till it reaches 50 then paid to the dev’s paypal or bank account. That is a common method now and unlikely to change. Why would it, the advert company is not a particular fan of internet protocols or SAFE protocols, just want to see the tallies increase and reimburse the app/website people. And of course the fungus cream company pays the advert company in $$$ for 100000 views.

The only SAFE coin in this instance is the APP dev uploads the adverts to be shown on their web page. Just like happens now, except maybe its a link to the advert or JS script to rotate through adverts.

Honestly, I would need convincing that the Advert company would work in anything but $$$, unless its a new company that starts off in the SAFE environment

thats true for most companıes to accept safecoın as a secure and safe store of value wıll take tıme so fıat wıll stıll have a place ı am sure

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The question is how much will be SAFEcoin paid and how much in $$$ and then how much of the $$$ earned will convert into SAFEcoin or just be spent to buy food or whatever? I have no idea, do you?

I’ve no idea either, but if there’s money being made on the network, people (including farmers) will need to get in to make it.
Even if ad fees are paid in fiat, publishers need Safecoin to publish content otherwise what are the ads going to surround? There must be some content.
If there is content that means there is demand for it, and for space (farmers’ income) and so on.

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I never thought of this either…even if SAFE isn’t giving away any info, the users device still is leaking data to the app creator and advert company like crazy…which will mean that ads imbedded in apps will likely continue…boo. :frowning:

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For sure! This is a huge benefit of SAFEnet which was a key attraction point for me.