Safecoin Animation Vote for Your Winning Proposal

I feel like @neo @polpolrene @JPL would be good candidates off the top of my head. Although I do consider @dugcampbell @SarahPentland and @nicklambert community members as well.


Come on community let’s give some love to this Safecoin video proposal at

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Did I miss something, I thought Maidsafe would have someone as that contact person.


Perhaps wires got crossed, either way it’ll get sorted

Would it be possible to also get a BTC donation address?

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My humble contribution is on its way. Another 99 similar humble contributions and it will be all good


That’s why it’s the community engagement program. We need to make proposals and help fund winning proposals. So if we want SAFE to succeed and Maidsafe to not run dry then we should all donate what we can spare together so we can help make the difference we want to see.

Aha! I misunderstood. Of course Id be happy to work with Sarah again ( or someone else from the team )


I voted for the proposal of SAFE-FS, but I sent out money for HyperCube. We do need this video! :slight_smile:


No worries Joeri, yes we will be the main point on contact for this project. @SarahPentland isn’t that bad is she :grinning: !


Why don’t add a couple of coin with less fees? (Ether and Bitcoin cash for example).

With the current fees of a maid transaction, small donations are going to be left out.


You can send BTC to this address presumably? 1D4GKtDQYk49i5GygtKeKScStkmKqwsLUy

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Can someone at @maidsafe clarify how this is meant to work? I’ve read back over the original CEP post and I’m none the wiser.

  1. Are all contributiions coming from the community?
  2. Is there a deadline for contributions?
  3. Are currencies other than Maid accepted?
  4. What is the timeline from now until the finished video?
  5. What further steps are required?
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1/ Contributions can come from MaidSafe and the community, or neither.
2/ I would say we should run this for a week to match the voting period of a week (if you recall we replaced the voting by coins with a poll to reduce the impact of high transaction fees). So contributions will be possible until midnight Friday 26th Jan.
3/ We will look into that and likely open up to new currencies early next week, @dugcampbell is also working on this issue with a payment provider.
4/ Joeri suggested around 4 weeks in his proposal, but as soon as possible.
5/ Next stage is contributing to Hypercube Studios then we will move into script writing and the other steps highlighted in Hypercube’s proposal.


Agreed. We’ll get additional wallets set up and confirm the addresses in this thread.


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Just to say that the donation addresses have now been added to @SarahPentland’s first post in this thread - if you’d like to support this proposal, you’ll be able to donate either MAID, Bitcoin, Ether or Bitcoin Cash.

[Edited to confirm you can send btc to the MAID address]


Is there a way we could see amount raised in a display at the top? I feel like I’ve seen this before. Might be a waste of time but thought maybe it would help encourage people.

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Scores on the doors:
1D4GKtDQYk49i5GygtKeKScStkmKqwsLUy ---- 6611 MAID
3HFFq38jdX1UE8QHjeS3uqNEUZFaSjmLdb — 0.0259 BCH
0x41a64BfF0685aACeefE467BAE697D867B9601ca7 — 0 ETH


Any reason for no bitcoin?

Could just send btc to the MAID address…

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