Safecoin Animation Vote for Your Winning Proposal

I don’t necessarily think it’s unfair but then again you can read my 2 cents on it. The issue is with the way MS decided to go about it IMHO. It is what it is. The process should be tweaked for the future but for now I think it should be left as is as we don’t want to rock the boat.

Hypercube has done nothing wrong so should not be punished and @whiteoutmashups is showing us a more long term solution.

I think it shouldn’t be messed with, maybe the process should be tweaked for the future without stating the obvious and I think @maidsafe should seriously consider outsourcing or contracting some of their work out to @whiteoutmashups if they believe what he is offering fits.

Edit just to add the required bitcoin cash meme


Why not include Litecoin? It’s cheap, fast and encourages small donations (which could make for a nice fat sum after all).

I either go LTC or Doge whenever I wanna tip someone or donate a small amount.


Good suggestion. I would have missed it otherwise. $50 in BCH sent.


How so? To me its simple, this cep called for proposals to create a safecoin explainer.
Proposals were submitted and we voted.
I dont see an issue?


I’m not bothered as long as there’s 1 or 2 low fee cryptos being accepted, which BCH and ETH are. If they wanted to support all low-fee cryptos it’d be a mess :smiley:


There’s clearly an issue if people are so upset… It’s in the way they wrote the rules. We live we learn.

So if people don’t fill up the big price minimum for this one, what happens,

Does my $3k budget SafeCoin video get funded instead then? Or does all the money just go back and nothing really happens with this cep

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I guess firstly Maidsafe as a part of the community has a choice to supply funds themselves to the project.

Ask @dugcampbell about this Will


Curious if there is an update on this proposal. Total raised? Will the remainder be filled by @maidsafe ? Thank you :blush:

Here are the current holdings (and the sterling equivalents - taken from coinmarketcap at 15:00 GMT) within each of the wallets:

6700 MAID - £3216
0.7BTC - £5640
0.09 in Ethr - £76.50
0.41 raised in Bitcoin Cash - £490

As 12k MAID currently equates to £5,760 I would say we are well and truly funded for this CEP. In fact, at a combined total of £9422 (an extra £3662 or 7629 MAID) we are well into stretch goal territory. We’ll speak with @joeri and confirm the animation can be produced more quickly as per the proposal.

A huge thanks to whoever just sent 0.6BTC into the CEP. Super generous and we’ll make sure this, and all the donations made, will be put to good use!


Holy moly, this community never ceases to amaze me. :laughing: Big thumbs up to all donators.


Hoping the languages make it in!


We’ve been speaking with the Hypercube Studios as this CEP is now over funded. We’ve considered a few options, such as: producing the video’s faster, incorporating foreign language translations and promoting the video.

However, what we think will add more value would be to create another video, one that explains one of the most important and least understood aspects of the network, SAFE consensus. We are proposing that MaidSafe will make up the difference to cover the production of both videos, and we would create both in tandem.

Our reasoning is that we don’t think producing the Safecoin video very quickly will lead to a better quality animation and would offer minimal benefit. We have also been bowled over by the translation contributions already received for the video we released a couple of weeks ago and are thinking about paying MAID for translations of future videos. We are also currently considering how best to promote these videos and MaidSafe would put budget aside should paid promotion be considered the best way forward.


Fantastic! 2 videos with a few weeks delay is certainly more valuable than 1 video a couple of weeks faster.

Together with the recently introduced video, these will make it easy for people to start getting to grips with the Safe network without needing to do a load of reading.

Next up a documentary video based around the themes of the primer document, complete with interviews, office tours, and technical explainer videos :wink:


I’d love if Data Chains could have its own video. If it happens to be mentioned in the consensus vid (no idea if so), I think it would cause confusion as if it’s required for consensus unless deeply specified otherwise.

The only reason I bring this up is because Data Chains is such a novel asset to this project and this whole space in general @nicklambert think it would fit into consensus video or be more appropriate to be another CEP closer to alpha 3?


Or maybe the SAFE Network Academy, but more on that to follow in due course.


I agree, in fact there are quite a few areas where videos would work well and we do plan on hitting them all at the earliest opportunity.


This is an amazing community. Really cool to see the amount of funds you guys have sent for these videos.
It’ll be our pleasure and honor to make more videos for and with you.

We’ll start the process after the weekend, when our project manager will kick things off with Sarah.


That my friend is a fantastic idea! Such a video will compliment the preceding videos by drawing people closer not only to the vision but the people behind it. We all know a data chains video is a MUST!!! High level coverage from there is nearly complete. That’ll finally end those blank stares resulting from no easy to follow up material after our initial attempt at a social introduction to the concept of SAFE. That has so many times pissed me off.

Soon I’ll be able to approach the Freenet community. They are somewhat understandably hostile due to misunderstanding from what was little and poorly aggregated documentation.


I missed that reply - excellent idea! A short documentary adding colour to the primer and supporting material! :sunglasses: