Safecoin Animation Vote for Your Winning Proposal

Winning Proposal was Joeri and Hypercube

Please send donations to:
MAID or Bitcoin: 1D4GKtDQYk49i5GygtKeKScStkmKqwsLUy
ETHER: 0x41a64BfF0685aACeefE467BAE697D867B9601ca7

(please ensure you send the correct currency to the correct address!)

In response to our RFP for a Safecoin animation, we have had an amazing response and now have four great Proposals. In response to the high transaction costs, we will be conducting this poll to pick a winner.

Please vote for your favourite proposal below:

  • The Brand Calibre Approach
  • HyperCube
  • Pat Animation Studios

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All proposals can be found in #community:proposals, but for ease:

SAFE-FS Marketing Proposal
The Brand Calibre Approach
Pat Animation Studios

This poll will be open for 1 week (Friday 19th Jan) and the proposal with the most votes will be awarded the project.


okay - i think now it’s a little bit unfair here for the majority of proposals …

just an idea … i think it’s obvious that a lot of people want @whiteoutmashups long-term-plan (me included) because it involves minimal risks/costs for maidsafe and the possible impact is pretty large …

i don’t suggest to exclude the additions to safe-fs (because obviously it includes the requested Video + the other stuff and still is within the budget that seems appropriate so 100% in line with the rules and from every moral standpoint too

but maybe we could agree that @whiteoutmashups additions get their own donation address no matter if the SAFE-FS proposal wins or not …?
If doing this everyone can decide freely what Video Proposal is the best in his/her opinion and is not forced to vote vor SAFE-FS if one wants the long-term plan outlined by Will to happen … right now this vote (and my very own motivation for my decision) seem disorted … and not how this vote was meant to be … what do you think @SarahPentland, @dugcampbell, @nicklambert ?


Thanks for the support man but IDK I’ve kinda resigned myself to doing it 100% out of my own pocket and totally prove it to everyone first. As usual :cry: the world needs MaidSafe and MaidSafe needs to expand.

It’s a risk I’ll take.

I know people will get addicted to all the marketing updates my team makes, so I know it’ll work long term. Even if I have to do everything completely myself at the beginning :cry: it’s OK


it’s not only to support you xD but as well because it’s not fair considering that if one wants a more experienced designer team to win the only option seems to be HyperCube now and the other 2 would be “a wasted vote” … :-\

…so latest from this point in time on this poll is not really reflecting opinions on videos anymore

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In the recent awards that Maidsafe were shortlisted for David very wisely said there the awards can be political. I think Maidsafe needs to decide regardless if the outcome of the vote if the long term approach is a better one. They have taken the project long term so why would they not think long term now. Unless they have other plans to which the community has no transparency yet. So i still think a long term approach is the best one.

Maidsafes success depends on adaptation. If that is the key then everything should be focused on a great product plus adaptation.

Whatever the outcome i hope David, Nick, Sarah & Dug make a decision best for all.

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@whiteoutmashups I completely agree with @riddim you should post a donation address.


Just throwing this out there:

What about we give the chance for the community to fund more than 1 video proposal, with the winning proposal (by majority vote) getting gets funds from Maidsafe (also the community).

Looking at Coinmarketcap: I see that MAID was trading around 1-2 pennies 3 years ago.

That means the ICO investors have made 50-100x profit (those that have not sold). There are people with substantial profits right now who might be willing to support the creation of more than one animation. Either out of gratitude or more likely out of simple selfish reasoning that a good marketing video can make their investments appreciate even more.

Marketing will have a direct influence on the MAID coin price.

That would mean we have different teams tackle the same issue and all get to produce different videos according to their own personal/team skills, background, style, temperament etc - which can all be very different.

They will try to solve the same problem which is not an easy problem to solve at all! - how to pin down the ideas and possibilities of Safenetwork or even to define the network itself in simple terms and create that WOW! effec that we all share? Difficult task indeed!

So mirroring riddim, I propose we have a donation address for all the proposals, irregardless of who actually wins.

The one obvious downside I see is that each team will probably require some of that precious time from the people at Maidsafe to get more in tuned with the project.


I understand where you are coming from but I see a bigger issue.

If only 1/3 or 1/2 of the required amount of money is raised via these donation addresses there is a problem, what happens in that scenario?

The structure implemented by Maidsafe whereby the community donations/votes are pooled toward the winning proposal is the answer to this problem.

Unfortunately with all of these votes some people are going to feel unhappy and try to find ways to have their favorite proposal funded.
I would think the only way to ensure this happens is after the winner is announced the community members that support another proposal get together see if they can raise the entire amount of funds required to make it happen.
(Perhaps by pledging amounts before actually sending it anywhere to see how much is available through the supporters of said proposal)

Each proposal being partly funded through donation addresses will get nowhere.


Good point!

Yes, probably better if a winner is announced first and then if there is enough support from the community some other proposals could get funding (if it is fine by Maidsafe).


Just a few thoughts I have on my mind. I dont now how much budget there is for future marketing and I have some visuals in my head. I would like to see atleast three marketing videos, one about Safenetwork and all it’s benfits and how it solves problems, another one about safecoin and a third about datachains. If I could choose I would like Hypercube to create the video about the Safenetwork, like a main centerpiece where the most funds are spent. Dependent on budget and needs I can see several options for a safecoin video and datachain videos, either hypercube or others like patanimation. I know this voting round is about safecoin so my thoughts may complicate things but I want to cover this perspective.

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Its one thing making a video but what about actually getting people to watch it.Surely that costs more money?


I agree with @Guybrows that making a high-quality video is just the beginning of the challenge. We have to ensure that the message is not only seen but also engages a wide audience. Spending more money is one way to do it, but I think organic sharing is more likely to resonate in a powerful way. What would happen if just 20% of the people on this forum shared the video through every social media platform on which they are active? What would happen if we could get recognized influencers in the crypto space to share the video? On top of that, what would happen if just 20% of us catalyze conversation through comments on the videos we post. I think the positive effect of coordinated action could be priceless.


Yeah. I agree. I think we should definitely create a coordinated plan. If half the people on here just up voted Reddit posts in r/crypto we would be hitting the top of the list.


@Guybrows Is there an easy way to find posts about Safe network in r/crypto? I’m not very atuned to reddit and can’t even find a way to make a post on r/crypto whereas I have in r/safenetwork


I think if you go to the r/crypto page and use the search box it will search only in r/crypto

Personally, and just my three bits, I would prefer if people (and MAIDSAFE) would focus their marketing energy on technical articles, images, artwork, charts/graphs. We need coders and technical early adopters now … and videos, while they will boost the price/market-cap of MAID short term, the average Joe day-trader has a short memory. Until beta MVP with Safecoin is on the horizon, I suspect that all the video’s in the world aren’t going to help the project much. – Although they look really amazing I do share them around. :wink:


I agree with you (I’d guess the majority wouldnt) but I think if you look at the point in the timeline that the CEP has been resurrected, it isn’t just random timing.

I think Maidsafe are pretty well saving the big artillery for the back end and know when the ‘button’ so to speak should get pressed.

I guess I softened how I looked at things recently as it would be silly not to use the Communities enthusiasm and engage them, really only positive things can come from using them whilst we wait for the big show?

Agree with this and I think you’ll see this type of outreach this year alot more across many platforms. @dugcampbell from what I can see has been in/around Bitcoin for a long time so knows as well as anyone these people are the priority at this point in the development cycle.

The one shitty thing about being aligned with Crypto is that unfortunately $ seems to talk so we’re fighting for attention amongst a quagmire of uneducated greed who only respond to a bunch of numbers in a portfolio as a metric of measuring whether their time is worth it. Not pigeon-holing every single developer out there though.

Should be an interesting year ahead :+1:


For a variety of reasons, I think 2018 is going to be one of the most interesting years I’ve had in a long time. :slight_smile:

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This poll is now closed! The winning proposal is @joeri with 56% of the vote.

Thank you for all the great proposals and to everyone for getting involved with this CEP.

If you would like to donate, please send MAID to this OMNI wallet: 1D4GKtDQYk49i5GygtKeKScStkmKqwsLUy

@dugcampbell is in talks with a payment processor to see if the current high transaction costs can be mitigated but until such a time we can only except MAID.


Great! Let’s begin.

I’d like to ask the community to vote ( or straight up appoint, if no votes are deemed necessary ) to act as a spokesperson and decisionmaker for the community.
The responsibility of that person is to work with the primary contact from Hypercube’s side ( my project manager ) to provide feedback on deliverables, and decide what exactly this video should be about, and who the target audience is.

As soon as that is done, we will write a script for you, and kick off the production!

Don’t forget to send donations to that wallet. The more you guys fund, the quicker we can finish this video.